Continue to increase the price of dimethyl ether!

With the arrival of the peak season, DME market finally got rid of the downward trend and went out of the upward curve. In September, the center of gravity shifted upward, making the “golden nine” brilliant. With the advent of the “silver 10″, the market continues to rise, mainly in price. According to the data monitoring of business agency, the average price of dimethyl ether in Henan market was 2556.67 yuan / ton on October 8, and 2703.33 yuan / ton on October 20, with an increase of 5.74% and 22.32% compared with September 1


Benzalkonium chloride

In a flash, two thirds of October has passed, and the DME market rose first, then consolidated and then rose. Although the overall rise was narrower than that in September, the market was still positive. After the festival, the dimethyl ether market first rose as a whole. Due to the downstream demand for inventory after the festival, the overall market atmosphere is good, and in terms of cost, the raw material methanol goes up, which also brings some favorable support to the market. In October, the weather has cooled down significantly, especially in the northern region, and the overall demand for terminals has increased. Henan, the main production area, has stable supply, good shipment and low inventory pressure. Supported by multiple favorable conditions, the DME market continued to rise.


Subsequently, DME market entered consolidation state. With the end of the downstream replenishment after the festival, they have been delisted to consume inventory, and as the price continues to push up, the downstream acceptance capacity is limited, cautious and wait-and-see. In addition, international crude oil continued to fall and the international market support was insufficient, which brought negative effects to the market. The market continued to rise in a lack of momentum, some fell, but the mentality of manufacturers is still strong, although there is a decline, but the range is not large, mainly horizontal consolidation. In order to protect the market price, some enterprises in Henan Province, such as xinlianxin, carried out the minimum guarantee policy for two days.


With the end of the minimum guarantee policy of xinlianxin and other enterprises in Henan Province and the announcement of the settlement price, xinlianxin has been reduced from 2650 yuan / ton on October 12 to 2610 yuan / ton on October 15. Although the price has declined, the range is small. From October 18 to 20, xinlianxin raised 20 yuan / ton for three consecutive days. On October 18, it rose back to the price before falling, and on October 20, the ex factory price rose to 2690 yuan / ton. Henan, the main production area, rose overall, the production and sales of enterprises were balanced, and the inventory was mostly in a controllable state.


As of October 20, the quotation of each region is as follows:


Regional specification Date Quotation

Mass fraction of dimethyl ether in Shandong area: ≥ 99.0% 2600 yuan / ton on October 20

The mass fraction of dimethyl ether in Hebei area: ≥ 99.0%, October 20 2675 yuan / ton

Mass fraction of dimethyl ether in Henan Province: ≥ 99.0% Oct. 20 2630-2735 yuan / T

The overall upward trend of raw material methanol market has brought certain support to dimethyl ether Market


After the domestic methanol market rose after the festival, some manufacturers increased the ex factory quotation again, with the range of 30-50 yuan / ton. According to the monitoring data of business agency, the average price of methanol producers in Shandong was 1825 yuan / ton at the beginning of the week (10.12), and 1930 yuan / ton at the weekend (10.16), with an increase of 5.75% during the week, a rise of 6.78% on a month on month basis, and a decrease of 17.17% on a year-on-year basis. The quotation of methanol market in various regions has also increased to varying degrees, among which Shandong and Shanxi regions have obvious upward trend. After the festival, the methanol market was affected by the favorable factors such as the maintenance of overseas units and the continuous storage of ports, and the market price increased slightly. At present, most traders ship at high prices, and methanol analysts of business associations predict that the domestic methanol market will fluctuate at a high level in the short term.


At present, the methanol market has been adjusted in a narrow range, and the domestic gas market has fallen down after rising, which has limited support for the DME market. In the international market, crude oil closed down slightly and brought some negative effects. However, the overall transaction atmosphere of dimethyl ether Market is relatively mild, downstream inventory is appropriate to enter the market replenishment operation, most manufacturers have balanced production and sales, and inventory is controllable. The mentality is mostly firm. And the current peak season factors still exist, the future market, dimethyl ether Market is easy to rise but difficult to fall.

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