Market price of ethyl acetate keeps rising

According to the monitoring of the bulk data of the business agency, the ethyl acetate Market this week was strongly supported by multiple favorable conditions. As of October 23, the average price of enterprises in East China was about 6162 yuan / ton, up 2.07% compared with the beginning of the week and 6.71% higher than that at the beginning of the month.



This week, the domestic ethyl acetate Market was strong and upward, the industry started smoothly, the shortage of goods eased, the downstream market demand was strong, the overall purchasing performance was positive, the demand side support was stable, the raw materials acetic acid and ethanol prices were high, the cost side was high, and the price of ethyl acetate continued to rise. At present, it is about 6250 yuan / ton in East China, 6100 yuan / ton in North China and 6500 yuan / ton in South China.



In terms of raw materials, the spot supply in the market is tight, the inventory of enterprises is low, the domestic demand and export in the downstream market are both favorable support, and the supply and demand in the industry is tightly balanced. With the price of acetic acid rising to a high level, some downstream and traders are gradually rational in purchasing. The ethanol market is strong and upward, and the market of raw corn is soaring. Some ethanol enterprises are overhauling their devices, and the industrial inventory is low. Before the festival, some downstream stocks are insufficient. After the festival, the ethanol is purchased again. At present, the ethanol in East China is about 6825 yuan / ton.


The international market price of ethyl acetate is strong, and the port price in European market is about 820-850 euro / ton, and that in North America is about 700 US dollars / ton.


According to the analysts of ethyl acetate of business club, the domestic ethyl acetate market continues to rise, and the supply of goods in the industry is tight due to good downstream domestic demand. In addition, with the high level of raw materials, the enterprise has a good price intention under the condition of small warehouse pressure, and it is expected that the domestic ethyl acetate Market will remain strong and upward in a short period of time.

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