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Under the high price of n-propanol, there may be “shipping risk”

According to the price monitoring data of business agency, as of July 10, the reference average price of domestic n-propanol including packaging in mainstream areas was around 11900 yuan / ton, which was basically stable compared with the price on the first day of this month; compared with the price on June 1, the average price increased by 733 yuan / ton, or 6.57%. Compared with the price on April 1 at the beginning of the second quarter, the average price increased by 1833 yuan / ton, or 18.21%.



Since mid April, n-propanol has entered the upstream channel, and the strong trend in the past two months is mainly due to the support of raw material ethylene and the rising market of isopropanol, downstream users turn to replenish their positions and use n-propanol as solvent. From April to now, the trend of isopropanol has been repeated, but n-propanol can be described as a steady rise all the way, mainly due to the factory’s active regulation and control of the operating rate of n-propanol, the low level of n-propanol inventory, and the sharp rise of raw material ethylene price to the steady rise of the market of n-propanol.


The market of n-propanol was stable in the first ten days of July


In July, the domestic n-propanol market was mainly stable, with low plant operating rate, tight supply and small inventory pressure, which supported the stable offer of n-propanol. 8. On the 9th, with the obvious downward trend of isopropanol market, the wait-and-see mood of downstream manufacturers of n-propanol increased, the atmosphere of transaction was relatively cold, the market shipping resistance was large, and more on-demand procurement was given priority to.


As of July 10, Nanjing area: the manufacturer Nanjing Rongxin Chemical Co., Ltd., the normal operation of 30000 T / a n-propanol plant, the ex factory quotation of n-propanol for external bulk water is 11000 yuan / T (cash purified water ex warehouse price), the current price is the same as the price of 1 day, the supply is tight, and the goods are delivered according to the plan; in Shandong area, the mainstream delivery price of n-butanol (bulk water) is 10800-11200 yuan / T, and the low-end bulk water is in the range of 10800-11200 yuan / T The delivery price is 10500 yuan / ton, the high-end bulk water is 11500 yuan / ton; the mainstream delivery price of n-butanol barrel is 11600-12000 yuan / ton, and that of rare high-end barrel is 12500 yuan / ton. Shanghai: with the rise of the price of domestic n-propanol, some traders in Shanghai have also raised the price of imported n-propanol (barreled) one after another. The current quotation is around 13500-14000 yuan / ton. Dealers in various regions still have reservations about the price. It is not easy to monitor the price, which may lead to differences in the specific negotiation situation. Each region also has its own differences. The actual negotiation is mainly based on the actual order, and the future market needs to wait and see the price of raw materials Change of qualification and shipment.


In the upstream sector, since July, the propylene oxide market has been mainly in a small decline. At the beginning of the month, downstream purchasing customers were strongly resistant to high prices, and the buying orders were cold and the follow-up of new orders was weak. Under the increasing inventory pressure, the mentality of supporting prices became weak and the market quotation was lowered. As of July 9, the reference price of propylene oxide was 9833.33 yuan / ton, down 133 yuan / ton or 1.34% compared with July 1 (9966.67 yuan / ton).


Sodium Molybdate

In terms of raw materials, the overall market of ethylene in the first week of July still showed a slight upward trend. 7, part of the ethylene market fell. As of the 9th, the European ethylene market fell, with FD northwest Europe offering 769-779 US dollars / ton, down 25 US dollars / ton; CIF northwest Europe quoted 750-758 US dollars / ton, down 6 US dollars / ton; Asian ethylene market remained stable, CFR Northeast Asia quoted 795-805 US dollars / ton, CFR Southeast Asia quoted 745-755 US dollars / ton. In the near future, the price of ethylene in Asia is mainly on July 10, 2020, and the demand is general. The future market changes are affected by the continuous decline of upstream crude oil price. It is predicted that the following decline will be the main trend. The US ethylene market was mainly down, with FD US $335-353 / T, down US $2 / T, the price was still low and the market demand was general.


Under the high level of n-propanol in late July


On the whole, the raw material market of n-propanol from ethylene process has risen rapidly since April. With the sharp rise of cost, the profit of n-propanol has been reduced continuously, and the offer of factories has been rising. Although the market of ethylene in Asia has declined slightly in recent two days, the overall trend is still high. Therefore, according to the current situation, the market price of ethylene process n-propanol has little space to decline. However, with the sharp decline of isopropanol, the advantages of the solvent market have become weak. At present, the pressure of market shipment is increased compared with the previous period. Under the guarantee of profits, the operators will more support the price operation. Therefore, the factory will regulate the operating rate of n-propanol of ethylene process in late July to stabilize the market Price, when the market does not rule out that the manufacturer reduces the profit for competitive shipment and lowers the ex factory price of n-propanol.

Potassium carbonate market remains stable this week (07.06-07.10)

According to the data monitored by the business agency, the average ex factory price of domestic light potassium carbonate this week is 6212.50 yuan / ton, the current price is down 0.40% month on month, and the current price is 5.87% lower than last year.


This week, the domestic potassium nitrate Market remained stable, the trading atmosphere of potassium carbonate market was general, the activity was low, the inventory pressure was large, the manufacturer’s shipping volume was general, and the downstream procurement mainly maintained the rigid demand. According to the statistics of the business agency, the mainstream ex factory quotation range of domestic industrial grade potassium carbonate this week is about 6000-6400 yuan / ton (the quotation is for reference only), and the quotation is different according to the purchase situation.


Benzalkonium chloride

This week, the price quoted by the mainstream manufacturers of potassium chloride in the upstream was temporarily stable. Some new sources of goods still arrived at the port, and the supply of goods was relatively sufficient. The main contradiction in the market is that the supply exceeds the demand, the trading atmosphere is cold and the domestic potassium chloride market remains stable. Limited support for potassium carbonate.


Potassium carbonate analysts of the business club believe that the domestic potash fertilizer market has maintained a relatively stable trend in the near future, and the upstream potassium chloride supply is sufficient. Although the price continues to be at a low level, the rebound space is relatively limited. It is expected that the price of potassium carbonate will mainly fall below in the short term, and the long-term market still needs to wait and see. (the above prices are provided by major potassium nitrate manufacturers all over the country and analyzed by potassium carbonate analysts of business club for reference only. Please contact relevant manufacturers for more price details.).

In June 2020, the market price of hydrogenated benzene fell by 6.54%

The commodity index of hydrogenated benzene on June 29 was 37.53, unchanged with yesterday, down 63.21% from 102.01 (2014-01-09), and 25.14% higher than 29.99, the lowest point on April 07, 2020. (Note: the period refers to December 1, 2013 to now).


Sodium Molybdate

In June 2020, the hydrobenzene market entered the downward channel after the fluctuation trend. The ex factory price in North China was 3566.67 yuan / ton at the beginning of the month and 333.33 yuan / ton at the end of the month, with a monthly drop of 6.54%. The hydrobenzene market went up steadily in the first half of this month, and then entered the downward channel in the second half of this month.


Summary of Sinopec pure benzene price adjustment in June 2020 (unit: yuan / ton)


Price adjustment amount after date adjustment

June 5 3600 + 100

June 10 3700 + 100

June 15 3600 – 100

19 June 3550 – 50

June 23 3500 – 50

June 24 3450 – 50

June 28 3250 – 200


In June 2020, Sinopec increased the ex factory price of pure benzene twice and lowered it five times, with a cumulative decrease of 250 yuan / ton. By the end of the month, Sinopec North China pure benzene implemented 3250 yuan / ton, down 250 yuan / ton compared with the previous month.


Price changes of major domestic markets in June 2020 (unit: yuan / ton)


Monthly price rise and fall on the 15th and 30th

East China 3500-3600 3700 ~ 3800 3000-3150-475

Shandong area 3400-3500 3650-3700 3000-3050-425


In the first half of the month, Sinopec raised the price of pure benzene by 200 yuan / ton twice, and the external market of pure benzene rose significantly. On November 11, the upstream crude benzene raised the new round of bidding price by 200 yuan / ton, and the implementation in Shandong area was about 3100 yuan / ton, which brought external benefits to the hydrobenzene market. The price of hydrogenated benzene market was pushed up to the highest point of about 3675 yuan / ton in the month Full, into the high consolidation stage. Although crude oil rebounded in the middle of the month, its support for the downstream market was limited. The external market of pure benzene continued to decline, which had a great impact on the domestic pure benzene market. Sinopec North China took the lead in reducing the ex factory price of pure benzene by 50 yuan / T from May 15, and the pure benzene entered the downward channel. The negative factors surrounding the hydrobenzene were frequent, and the hydrobenzene market was basically under pressure.


Summary of main downstream start-up of hydrobenzene in June 2020 (unit: yuan / ton)


povidone Iodine

The 24 day operating rate of the product changes compared with that at the beginning of the month

Styrene 84% – 8%

Cyclohexanone 66% – 13%

Adipic acid 60% – 4%

Phenol 64% – 14%

Aniline 35% – 23%

Maleic anhydride 74% + 4%

Caprolactam 81% + 7%


The operating rate of downstream styrene, phenol and other enterprises has declined this month, of which aniline operating rate has declined greatly, reaching about 40%. On the whole, the downstream operating rate has declined on the whole, and the demand for hydrogenated benzene is weak. On the whole, the contradiction between supply and demand of hydrogenated benzene has become prominent, and the negative factors in demand side affect the market.


In the aftermarket, the business club believes that the hydrobenzene market is still under pressure, and the crude oil price fluctuates, resulting in a certain degree of market wait-and-see sentiment. If the new units of the downstream enterprises of hydrogenated benzene start on schedule in the second half of the year, the demand for hydrobenzene will be improved, and the pressure on inventory will be relieved, which will provide some support to the market. However, there are many negative factors in the short term, and the market is in a weak consolidation trend Under the cost pressure, it is expected that the hydrobenzene market will have a great downward pressure, and the future market still needs to focus on the changes of crude benzene and pure benzene inventory.

Price of refined petroleum coke rose slightly this week (6.22-6.28)

1、 Price data


According to the data in the business club’s bulk list, the price of petroleum coke products of domestic refineries has risen slightly. Now the average price of Shandong market at the beginning of the week is about 1138.5 yuan / ton, while the average price of Shandong market at the end of the week is 1140 yuan / ton, up 0.13%. The coking coal commodity index on June 27 was 100.12, flat with yesterday, down 17.62% from 121.53 (2019-03-12), the highest point in the cycle, and up 122.93% from 44.91, the lowest point on January 28, 2016. (Note: cycle refers to 2012-09-01 to now)



2、 Analysis of influencing factors


Upstream: on June 26, the US WTI crude oil futures market price fell, and the settlement price of main contracts was $38.49/barrel, down $0.23. The price of Brent crude oil futures market fell, with the settlement price of the main contract down $0.19 to $40.93. The fall of international oil price is mainly due to the serious trend of the epidemic, which leads to the restart of market fuel demand worries.



Downstream: this week, the glass grid has risen steadily. According to the monitoring of the business agency, the average price of the glass in the beginning of the week is 18.42 yuan / m2, the average price in the weekend is 18.6 yuan / m2, and the price in the week is increased by 0.98%. Most of the manufacturers are in the form of price increase and promotion, and the price fixing operation. At present, the inventory of enterprises is further reduced, and the inventory pressure of production enterprises is reduced, which plays a significant role in supporting the market price. At present, the carbon market is stable, the terminal industry is stable, and the economic environment is expected to be better.



Industry: according to the price monitoring of the business association, in the 25th week of 2020 (6.22-6.26), there are 6 kinds of commodities in the list of commodity prices rising and falling, among which the top three commodities are asphalt (1.62%), methanol (1.39%) and WTI crude oil (1.36%). There are four kinds of commodities that have declined on a month on month basis, and the top three products are liquefied natural gas (- 0.81%), diesel (- 0.60%) and MTBE (- 0.42%). This week’s average was 0.33%.


3、 Future forecast


The price of cokes in the local refining market of petroleum coke analysts of the business association kept a slight upward trend under the influence of the tight supply of resources. This week, the trading atmosphere in the forging and burning market was good, and the purchasing heat in the downstream was not reduced. The three major groups and their subordinate refineries are mainly on a positive trend, and there are many manufacturers for next overhaul. It is comprehensively expected that there will be a small increase in the petroleum coke market in the later stage.

Shandong propylene price rises steadily, with weekly increase of more than 4%

1、 Price trend


According to the data of the business club’s large scale list, the market price of propylene (Shandong) in China rose steadily this week, with the weekly low price of 6605 yuan / ton at the beginning of the week; the weekly high price of 6876 yuan / ton on Friday, with the weekly increase of 4.10%.


Azodicarbonamide (AC foaming Agent)

2、 Analysis and comment


After a week’s rally in early June, Shandong propylene market showed a significant correction in the middle of the price. According to the price of the business agency, last week’s 7-day cumulative decline of 350 yuan / ton. But at the end of the week, the price stopped falling and recovered. Today, the price has risen 350-450 yuan / ton continuously. Now, the market turnover is between 6850-7150 yuan / ton, and the mainstream price is about 6850 yuan / ton. At present, propylene manufacturers have no inventory pressure, but due to continuous rise, the delivery situation is general.


In early June, the international crude oil price rose significantly, and declined slightly in the later period, but it was still up-regulated as a whole, which had a little pull-up effect on propylene.


In recent days, PP futures market is relatively cold. This week, PP spot rose slightly, with a weekly increase of 0.86%, which has little impact on propylene.


This week, acrylic acid market declined slightly, with a weekly decline of 0.81%, which had little impact on propylene.


This week’s propylene oxide market rose steadily, up 2.04% on a certain positive impact on propylene.


Epichlorohydrin prices fell steadily this week, down 2.48%, which had a negative impact on propylene.


This week, the domestic price of n-butanol rose significantly at the weekend, with a weekly increase of 1.83%, which has a little effect on propylene.


This week, octanol rose steadily after rising, up 2.14%, slightly positive impact on propylene.


Affected by the epidemic situation, isopropanol market, as one of the raw materials of foreign disinfectants, fell significantly this week, with a weekly decline of 4.60%, which had some negative impact on propylene.


Benzalkonium chloride

Phenol Market in East China fell slightly at the end of the week, down 1.92%, which had a certain suppression effect on propylene.


The acetone market in East China stabilized after a decline, with a weekly decline of 2.16%, which also had a certain suppression effect on propylene.


3、 Future forecast


According to the propylene analyst of the chemical branch of business society, on the whole, the international crude oil market has a slight upward trend, and propylene manufacturers have no overstocked inventory, but the long-term upward trend leads to a relatively cold sales situation, while the trend of the downstream market is weak, with a steady decline, and some downstream markets still have an upward trend, but the general upward trend does not exceed propylene, so it is expected that the price of propylene will start to decline in recent days.

Formic acid market price fell among steadily this week (6.15-6.19)

According to the data of business agency: on June 15, the weekly average price of domestic industrial grade formic acid was 1883.33 yuan / ton. As of June 19, the weekly average price of domestic industrial grade formic acid was 1850.00 yuan / ton, a decrease of 7.5%. This week, the weak formic acid market mainly fell.


2、 Market analysis


This week, the domestic industrial grade 85% formic acid market as a whole showed a weak trend of maintaining stability. Due to the restrictions of foreign trade export, the prices of some manufacturers were slightly reduced. At present, the market has sufficient supply of goods, and the equipment delivery is normal. Price: this week, the price of industrial barreled water is generally around 2180 yuan / ton, and the factory price of main industrial purified water of formic acid is around 1850 yuan / ton. As of Friday (June 19), Jinzhou jinhongda Chemical Co., Ltd. has quoted 1750 yuan / ton; Zibo Pulis Chemical Co., Ltd. 1500 yuan / ton; Zhangzhou Sanan Chemical Co., Ltd. 1400 yuan / ton; Luxi Chemical Co., Ltd. 1700 yuan / ton; Hangzhou Fengchang Trade Co., Ltd. 85% formic acid industrial barrel price 2300 yuan / ton.


Benzalkonium chloride

The mainstream of the liquid ammonia Market of the upstream product of formic acid is stable, moderate and narrow range adjustment, and the quotation of some manufacturers is increased, so the market demand is acceptable. The domestic caustic soda market fluctuates in a narrow range, and the downstream is mostly purchased on demand. It is expected that the market will fluctuate in a narrow range in the later period. The upstream products generally support the formic acid market, while the demand for leather and pesticide industry of the downstream products does not increase significantly.


3、 Future forecast


According to the formic acid data division of business association, the domestic industrial grade 85% formic acid market as a whole shows a weak trend of maintaining stability. At present, the market supply is fair, the downstream demand does not increase significantly, and the formic acid market is not good enough. It is expected that the domestic industrial grade 85% formic acid market will remain stable and decline in the short term.

Weak demand, slightly lower price of ammonium sulfate (6.8-6.12)

1、 Price trend


According to the monitoring data of business agency, the average ex factory price of ammonium sulfate in China was 576 yuan / ton on June 8, 573 yuan / ton on June 12, and the price fell 0.58% this week.


Sodium Molybdate

On June 12, the ammonium sulfate commodity index was 47.98, unchanged from yesterday, 54.86% lower than the highest point 106.28 (2012-05-24), and 30.91% higher than the lowest point 36.65 on June 23, 2014. (Note: cycle refers to 2011-09-01 to now)


2、 Market analysis


Due to weak demand this week, domestic ammonium sulfate prices fell slightly. The main quotation of ammonium sulfate in Central China is about 490-650 yuan / ton, that in Henan is 500-560 yuan / ton, that in Hebei is 470-630 yuan / ton, that in Shandong is 510-570 yuan / ton, that in East China is 500-650 yuan, that in North China is 470-650 yuan / ton, and that in Northeast China is 470-650 yuan / ton The factory quotation of ammonium sulfate mainstream is 520-650 yuan / ton.


This week, the market of downstream compound fertilizer enterprises was in a stalemate operation, and the demand side continued to weaken. At present, it is in the off-season of fertilizer market, and the autumn fertilizer market has not yet started. In the short term, the market of compound fertilizer is in weak and stable operation, and real-time attention is paid to the changes of policies in the fertilizer market.


3、 Future forecast


Analysts of ammonium sulfate of business association think that at present, the demand of coking grade ammonium sulfate is not good, and the market is weak. The trading price of ammonium sulphate in Inner grade fluctuates slightly and is relatively low. It is predicted that the price of ammonium sulfate will be weak and stable in the short term.

Shandong octanol price rose slightly this week (6.1-6.5)

1、 Price trend


The ex factory price of octanol rose slightly in Shandong this week. This week, the average ex factory price of main octanol in Shandong increased from 6666.67 yuan / ton at the beginning of the week to 6816.67 yuan / ton at the end of the week, up 2.25%, down 3.31% year on year compared with the same period last year. Overall, octanol rose this week, with the June 5 octanol commodity index at 50.12.



2、 Market analysis


From the manufacturer’s quotation, the factory quotation of the mainstream octanol manufacturers in Shandong this week slightly increased: the quotation of the octanol of Jianlan Chemical Co., Ltd. this week is 6700 yuan / ton, which is temporarily stable compared with that at the beginning of the week; the quotation of the octanol of lihuayi this weekend is 6850 yuan / ton, which is 250 yuan / ton higher than that at the beginning of the week; the quotation of the octanol of hualuhengsheng this weekend is 6900 yuan / ton, which is 200 yuan / ton higher than that at the beginning of the week.


From the perspective of upstream and downstream industry chains, the market of raw materials upstream of octanol and propylene market rose this week. The quotation rose from 6642.73 yuan / ton at the beginning of the week to 6901.91 yuan / ton at the end of the week, up 3.90%, down 1.92% year-on-year. The price of raw materials in the upstream market is rising, which has a positive impact on the price of octanol due to the impact of supply and demand.



Lower octanol market, DOP factory prices rose this week. DOP’s quotation increased from 6983.33 yuan / ton at the beginning of the week to 7133.33 yuan / ton at the end of the week, up 2.15%, down 2.06% year on year. Downstream customers are more active in purchasing octanol, demand for octanol is higher, and DOP price increase has a positive impact on octanol market. The aftermarket operators mostly wait and see the trend of DOP.


3、 Future forecast


In the middle of June, the trend of Shandong octanol market may fluctuate slightly. The upstream propylene price increased slightly, the cost support was strong, and the downstream procurement enthusiasm was good. According to the octanol analysts of the business agency, the octanol market in Shandong in mid June may rise slightly under the influence of supply and demand and raw materials.

The price rise of fluorite market in China in early June was gratifying

According to the monitoring of the business agency, the price of domestic fluorite rose in the first week of June. As of the 5th day, the average price of domestic fluorite was 2722.22 yuan / ton, 2.30% higher than 2661.11 yuan / ton at the beginning of the week, and 8.30% lower than the same period last year.


The price of fluorite continued to rise in June, among which the biggest positive factor was the shortage of domestic fluorite spot. Some manufacturers reported that the recent increase of orders for fluorite, the shortage of spot goods in the field, the strong rising sentiment of domestic fluorite manufacturers, the domestic fluorite powder operating rate maintained a low level of about 40%, the supply of domestic fluorite goods was slightly tight, the fluorite price was ready to develop, and the price in the field was a little tight Continue to rise. The domestic fluorite manufacturers operate stably, the on-site mines and flotation units are in normal operation, the on-site delivery of fluorite is improved, and the fluorite market price is slightly higher. In the near future, the market price of downstream hydrofluoric acid is still low, and the downstream purchase of terminal is mainly on demand. As of the 5th, the price of 97 fluorite wet powder in Inner Mongolia is 2600-2700 yuan / ton, that of 97 fluorite wet powder in Fujian is 2700-2800 yuan / ton, that of 97 fluorite wet powder in Henan is 2700-2900 yuan / ton, and that of 97 fluorite wet powder in Jiangxi is 2700-2800 yuan / ton. In the near future, domestic fluorite businesses are bullish Xu strong, fluorite market has a slight upward trend.


ferric sulfate (Poly ferric sulphate)

The market price of hydrofluoric acid in the downstream of fluorite fluctuated. As of the 5th day, the market price of hydrofluoric acid in China was 8630 yuan / ton, and the start-up of hydrofluoric acid plant in China fell to less than 50%. Some hydrofluoric acid manufacturers reported that the downstream procurement was not active, the price of hydrofluoric acid was low, and the low market price of hydrofluoric acid had a certain negative impact on the upstream fluorite market, and the increase of domestic fluorite market was limited. Recently, the sales of automobile industry have improved, but the market trend of refrigerant downstream of the terminal is still depressed. There is no obvious improvement in the demand for refrigerant. With the continuous recovery of foreign economy, the export of refrigerant terminal may be improved. However, the domestic air conditioning industry starts at a low level and the demand for maintenance and after-sales is weak. On the whole, foreign demand may rise. At present, the refrigerant R22 manufacturer’s load is not high, the inventory is in a reasonable range, and the market price is still fluctuating, but the situation of market price or not appears. The mainstream price of R22 for domestic large enterprises is 14500-16500 yuan / ton. The price trend of R134a market in China is declining, and the unit operation rate of production enterprises remains low. At present, the downstream operation is not high, the demand for R134a is cold, the procurement of downstream industry is not active in the near future, the price drops slightly, the downstream demand is not significantly improved, and the growth of fluorite market is limited to some extent.


On the whole, the market of downstream refrigerant industry has not improved significantly, and the demand of air conditioning industry may end at the end of May. However, in the near future, hydrofluoric acid merchants report that the price of hydrofluoric acid is difficult to rise. Chen Ling, an analyst of business agency, thinks that the market price of fluorite may rise slightly in the short term, but the rise is not large.

Better demand drives up gasoline prices this week

The national weather is getting hotter, the use of automobile oil is increasing, and the demand for gasoline is increasing market price. According to the price monitoring data of the business agency, the domestic gasoline price this week was 4893 yuan / ton, 4.89% higher than that of last week. In contrast, the demand side of diesel price lacks upward space. According to the price monitoring data of business agency, the domestic diesel price is 4932 yuan / ton, a slight drop of 0.37% compared with last week’s diesel price.


In summer, the support for gasoline consumption is more obvious, with the increase of main outsourcing and downstream replenishment. In addition, under the influence of the buying atmosphere, the operation of traders’ hoarding has also increased, and the overall demand for gasoline is improving. At the same time, gasoline exports increased, easing the supply pressure of the gasoline market. According to the data of the General Administration of customs, in April 2020, China’s gasoline export volume was 1.9 million tons, up 4.4% month on month and 62.39% year on year.

ferric sulfate (Poly ferric sulphate)


In contrast, the rising temperature in summer and limited outdoor operation limit the demand of diesel market, but the rigid demand industry still has strong support for the market. In addition, the decrease of diesel export affects the rise of diesel price. According to the data of the General Administration of customs, in April 2020, China’s diesel export volume was 2.57 million tons, down 9.19% month on month, down 1.1% year on year.


Recently, the international crude oil price is short of news and guidance. This week, the WTI crude oil price fluctuated between us $33-34.5 / barrel, with a weekly drop of only 0.62%, which has little effect on the market guidance.


3、 Future forecast


Lu Xingjun, an oil product analyst with business club, believes that: at present, the crude oil market has entered into a short-term volatile market and failed to break the “floor price” of domestic oil products of $40 / barrel. There will be cooling weather in the north and south of the country starting next week, which is not conducive to the consumption of oil products. It is expected that the domestic oil product market will be stable and moderate.