Before the festival, the liquid ammonia market rebounded steadily, and during the Spring Festival, it may have a smooth transition

On the weekend of the 17th, according to the monitoring of the business agency, the market of domestic liquid ammonia fluctuated slightly. Most of the quotations of enterprises were flat at the beginning of the week. The northern region stabilized and some enterprises increased slightly, but the range was not large, at 50-100 yuan / ton. According to the monitoring of the business agency, the increase of liquid ammonia in this week (1.13-17) was 1.11%, mainly due to the small increase of the prices of some enterprises at the beginning of the week, which was mainly affected by the decrease of the ammonia volume of enterprises. At the end of the week, most manufacturers’ quotations were flat last week. Some enterprises in Shandong, the main production area, experienced a callback period at the end of December 2019. After new year’s day, they have been stable for nearly two weeks. Prices in Northwest China have remained stable. At present, local ammonia output is abundant, especially in Shandong Province, where some manufacturers have loose supply of goods and the pressure of enterprise shipment is increasing, but the manufacturers with large ammonia output are mainly stable in price, and they are going to sell goods one after another The main quotation is 2900-3100 yuan / ton.


In North China, the liquid ammonia is also stable, and the lack of demand leads to the slow delivery of liquid ammonia. After urea conversion, the ammonia quantity is controlled, and the inventory pressure of the enterprise is slightly relieved. At present, there are many downstream stoppages, and the main quotation in North China is 2800-3000 yuan / ton.


potassium persulfate

The pressure of environmental protection in Hebei is still not to be underestimated, which leads to the majority of enterprises limiting production. The shutdown of large downstream enterprises, such as China and Afghanistan, leads to weak demand in the downstream, more enterprises accumulating in the warehouse, and no significant change in price. The mainstream quotation in Hebei is 2800-2950 yuan / ton.


Over the weekend, the market in Central China also stabilized. The delivery pressure in Hubei was slightly better than that before the festival. Part of Henan was affected by environmental protection pressure, and the price gave way to more profits. Currently, the liquid ammonia market is in a bad atmosphere and weak operation. The mainstream quotation in Henan is 2700-2850 yuan / ton.


From the perspective of the future market, the business community believes that the current market is slightly adjusted, the enterprise quotation is not changed much, most enterprises have room to make profits, many devices are converted to urea production, and the production of liquid ammonia is affected to a certain extent, so as to balance the inventory backlog of manufacturers. It is expected that the transition will be stable before the festival. The price of liquid ammonia is not likely to rise or fall significantly, and the market may continue to maintain stability.

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