Cost reduction, Increasing pressure of DOP price decline

1、 Price trend


According to the data monitoring of the business agency, the price of plasticizer DOP has been stable this week, and the DOP market has been stable. As of January 17, the price of DOP in East China was 7300.00 yuan / ton, which was stable compared with the price of DOP at the beginning of the week, down 13.95% compared with the same period last year.


potassium persulfate

2、 Market analysis


It can be seen from the figure that although the price of DOP raw material octanol has remained stable this week, the overall price of octanol has declined after new year’s day, the cost of plasticizer has declined, the driving force of DOP’s rise has weakened, and DOP’s market is negative.


In terms of phthalic anhydride, the price of phthalic anhydride fell in shock this week. After the new year’s day, the price of phthalic anhydride continued to decline, and the cost of DOP fell sharply, which was negative for DOP market. The downward pressure of DOP is high.


3、 Future forecast


According to Bai Jiaxin, data analyst of DOP of business agency, the raw material price of DOP continued to fall this week, the cost of DOP decreased, and the downward pressure of DOP increased. However, with the Spring Festival approaching, downstream customers are stocking up, logistics is out of service, high-speed transportation is difficult, and transportation costs are increasing, which leads to the cost increase of DOP manufacturers, and the price reduction space of DOP manufacturers is limited. In general, the downward pressure of DOP is increasing, and it is expected that the future DOP prices will maintain stability.

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