Plasticizer DOP price is unable to rise this week

I. price trend

According to the data monitoring of the business agency, this week’s DOP price adjustment, the overall plasticizer DOP market remained stable. As of November 25, the price of DOP in East China is 7366.67 yuan / ton, which is stable compared with that at the beginning of the week (November 18); as of November 22, the price of DOP in East China is 7383.33 yuan / ton, which is up 0.23% or 20.32% compared with that at the beginning of the week (November 18), which is 7366.67 yuan / ton.


II. Market analysis


Product analysis


Commodity name port price 11.22 price 11.15 price 11.8 price 11.1 price type unit

DOP China 920.00 920.00 920.00 920.00 920.00 CFR USD / ton

DOP Southeast Asia 1150.00 1140.00 1140.00 1130.00 CFR USD / ton

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potassium persulphate

As can be seen from the table, DOP’s external quotation rose in November and DOP’s market was favorable. Last week, the external quotation of DOP in China was stable; the external quotation of DOP in Southeast Asia was up $10 / ton last week, the external quotation of DOP plasticizer was up, and the domestic market of plasticizer was good.


Analysis of industrial chain


In terms of raw materials, this week, the price of DOP raw material phthalic anhydride rose in shock, the price of octanol rose in shock, and the price of phthalic anhydride and isooctanol rose in shock. The overall cost of DOP rose, which was good for DOP market, the driving force of DOP market rose, and DOP market rose in shock.

In terms of downstream demand, this week’s PVC market fluctuated and rose, while the downstream demand of DOP recovered, and the future DOP market was favorable. However, due to the small growth rate of PVC, the momentum of DOP’s rise was general.


III. future forecast


According to Bai Jiaxin, data analyst of DOP of business agency, the prices of raw materials phthalic anhydride and isooctanol of plasticizer DOP rose sharply this week, the cost of DOP rose, and the market of DOP was favorable. Downstream, this week, PVC prices maintained a rising trend, DOP demand is good, DOP market has a rising power but limited power. Generally speaking, the downward pressure of plasticizer DOP market weakens and the upward momentum increases, the demand of DOP rises, and the market of plasticizer DOP has the upward momentum and the momentum increases, but the upward momentum is difficult to support the sharp recovery of DOP market, and it is expected that the future DOP market will mainly fluctuate and maintain stability.

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