The atmosphere is depressed, and the TDI market is weak and volatile

I. price trend


On November 14, the TDI commodity index was 64.02, up 0.7 points from yesterday, down 74.19% from 248.02, the highest point in the cycle (2016-10-19), and up 6.40% from 60.17, the lowest point on February 22, 2016. (Note: cycle refers to 2011-09-01 to now)


II. Market analysis


Products: according to the statistics of the business agency, the price trend of TDI in the East China market rose on the 14th, with an average price of 12100.00 yuan / ton, or 1.11% increase. The TDI market in the East China region was narrowed, with a depressed market atmosphere, few transactions, divergent mentality, disordered market quotation and low price quotation. At present, the quotation of domestic goods with bills is 11300-11400 yuan / ton, and that of Shanghai goods with bills is 11600 yuan / ton.


Industrial chain: compared with the previous trading day, the price of toluene of Sinopec’s north and East China enterprises was raised by 150-200 yuan / ton. The listing price of Shandong refining enterprises was raised today, about 5700 yuan / ton, and that of traders in East China was raised, about 5800 yuan / ton. In terms of nitric acid, at present, the price trend in East China is stable, the weak quotation of manufacturers tends to be stable, and the prices of some manufacturers are slightly reduced. Nitric acid market performance is not good, market demand is still weak, weak finishing is expected in the later period.


potassium persulphate

Industry: the domestic TDI market is weak, the overall atmosphere in the market is still weak, the volume of transactions is insufficient, sporadic orders follow-up, the industry is not in a good mood for the future market, the mentality is different, the negotiation is low-end shipment, individual low-cost heard.


III. price forecast


TDI analysts of business agency think that the domestic TDI market is weak and volatile in the later period, and pay attention to the guidance of factory news.

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