The price of sulphuric acid in Shandong fell slightly this week (9.16-9.20)

Price Trend

According to the price monitoring of business associations, the distribution price of sulphuric acid in Shandong fell slightly this week. The quotation fell from 223.33 yuan/ton at the beginning of the week to 216.67 yuan/ton at the end of the week, a decline of 2.98%, 55.78% compared with the same period last year. Overall, this week’s sulphuric acid market consolidated at a low level, with the sulphuric acid commodity index at 33.27 on September 20.

II. Market Analysis

(1) Products:

This week, the price of the main sulphuric acid producers in Shandong fell slightly, with fewer inventories and fewer downstream demand. Heze Jiangyuan quoted 160 yuan/ton at the weekend, compared with the beginning of the week, the quotation fell slightly by 20 yuan/ton; Zouping Tianlu quoted 40 yuan/ton, the quotation was temporarily stable; Jinan Yuanfei quoted 450 yuan/ton, the quotation was temporarily stable.

(2) Industrial chain:

potassium persulphate

In recent years, domestic sulfur market continued to decline, cost support was weak; downstream monoammonium market trading atmosphere was not good, transaction was light, new orders were not ideal, diammonium market was low consolidation, downstream demand was less, sulfuric acid enterprises issued more early orders, short-term start was insufficient, supply was slightly tight. This week, domestic sulphuric acid plants run smoothly, market supply is relatively tight, downstream gas purchases are general, market turnover is limited.

3. Future Market Forecast

After the adjustment in August, the capital reflux of each factory is in good condition, the equipment has been repaired and the production capacity has increased. The price of sulphur in the upstream has gone down all the way, and the purchasing in the downstream is general. Under the contradiction between supply and demand, the products have gone down. Business sulfuric acid analysts believe that the short-term market in Shandong Province, under the influence of supply and demand and raw materials, the sulfuric acid market tends to decline.

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