China’s domestic bromine market gradually rose this week (9.16-9.20)

Price data:

According to the data monitoring of business associations, bromine market in China began to explode this week. At the beginning of the week, the average price of bromine in China was about 30312 yuan/ton, and the average price at the weekend was about 30625 yuan/ton. The average price rose by 1.03% in the week, up 0.72% compared with the same period last year.

II. Cause Analysis

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Products: This week, domestic bromine prices gradually rose. Affected by National Day, many enterprises in North China have stopped. The overall starting rate in Shandong is not high and stocks are low. It is expected that the recovery time will be around mid-October, and the downstream market will enter the peak season. However, the impact of environmental protection is still large, and more purchases are just needed. At present, the mainstream quotation of enterprises is around 30,000-30,500 yuan/ton.

Industry chain: the upstream industry of bromine varies this week: the demand of sulfur market is poor, down 2.79% in the week, and it is about 580 yuan / ton at present; the production of caustic soda market is stopped and limited, which is up 18.47% in the week, and it is about 850 yuan / ton at present; the soda ash market operates stably, with an average price of about 1740 yuan / ton at present; the downstream demand of sulfuric acid market is not good. Jia, a 2.98% drop in the week, currently about 216 yuan/ton. At present, the downstream flame retardant industry of bromine has started to work smoothly under the influence of environmental protection, and it is expected that the demand for bromine will increase after the Eleventh anniversary. The industry of pharmaceutical and agricultural intermediates will start to work smoothly under the influence of environmental protection and just need to buy.

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3. Future Market Forecast

Bromine industry analysts of business associations believe that due to the influence of National Day, domestic bromine enterprises start at a low level, most enterprises stop, and expect to recover after the National Day holiday. However, near November, due to seasonal temperature, bromine enterprises will mostly enter the shutdown period, spot supply will be a certain shortage, which is good for bromine price support. It is expected that the domestic bromine price will increase in the coming period.

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