China’s Domestic liquid ammonia market is stable, with a slight increase in Shandong (9.16-20)

This week, according to the monitoring of business associations, the domestic market for liquid ammonia is stable and small. Some enterprises in Shandong have slightly increased by 50-100 yuan/ton. At present, local ammonia volume is tense, and there is no pressure for enterprises to ship goods. However, manufacturers with large ammonia volume are mainly stable in price. The mainstream quotation in Shandong is 2900-3100 yuan/ton.

potassium persulphate

In North China, liquid ammonia also increased slightly, with an increase of 50 yuan per ton. The market is mainly affected by the shortage of ammonia in Shanxi. Due to the limited tasks in Hebei, there are some obstacles in the market supply. Enterprises are also pushing up prices. The mainstream quotation in Hebei is 2800-3000 yuan/ton.

In mid-September, in view of the pressure of environmental protection, production restriction, active shipment from suppliers and relatively stable market transactions, the quotation of manufacturers in central China is maintained at around 2950-3100 yuan/ton and in Northwest China at around 2650-2700 yuan/ton.

In the future, business associations believe that the market may remain narrow fluctuations in the short term. Due to the impact of transportation before the festival, manufacturers’inventories may be pushed up in the short term, while prices rise, there are certain risks.

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