The price trend of ammonium nitrate in the market was stable this week (9.2-9.6)

Price trends:


According to statistics, the domestic ammonium nitrate ex-factory price trend is temporarily stable this week. The weekend average price is 1983.33 yuan/ton, which is temporarily stable from 1983.33 yuan/ton at the beginning of the week, down 0.83% from the same period last year.

II. Market analysis:

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Products: This week, the domestic ammonium nitrate market price remains stable, the domestic ammonium nitrate plant is running smoothly, is in the downstream demand off-season, ammonium nitrate factory shipment market is general, downstream on-demand procurement, coupled with environmental protection control, the downstream civil explosion industry in China has stopped production more, domestic ammonium nitrate factory start-up is limited. Domestic prices remain low. By the end of the weekend, the mainstream of negotiations in Shaanxi was 2000-2100 yuan/ton, in Shandong was 190-2000 yuan/ton, and in Hebei was 1850-1950 yuan/ton. Affected by environmental protection, some downstream factories were forced to limit production or stop production for maintenance to accept environmental protection inspection. The demand for ammonium nitrate was at a low level, and the market price of ammonium nitrate was maintained. Keep oscillating.



Industry chain: This week’s domestic nitric acid price trend is temporarily stable, the market price is 1600 yuan/ton by the end of the weekend, this week’s price trend is stable, the domestic nitric acid market price maintains a low level, Jiangsu mainstream manufacturers offer 1600 yuan/ton, Anhui mainstream manufacturers offer about 1600 yuan/ton, Shandong manufacturers offer 1600-1630 yuan/ton, nitric acid In general, the lower price of upstream nitric acid market has a negative impact on the downstream ammonium nitrate Market price; the upstream raw material liquid ammonia price fluctuation, the end of the weekend liquid ammonia market price of 333.33 yuan/ton, liquid ammonia is affected by the upstream cost, and most manufacturers inventory pressure has increased compared with the previous period. Some units were restarted and local ammonia supply increased in the region. Especially in Shanxi and North China, the supply of ammonia was sufficient for most manufacturers. The price quoted by manufacturers in North China maintained above and below 2900-3300 yuan/ton, while that in Northwest China was above and below 2500-2600 yuan/ton. The low price of liquid ammonia had a negative impact on the downstream ammonium nitrate market. 。 Recently, the downstream civil explosion industry is in the off-season. The demand for ammonium nitrate market remains low. The inventory of ammonium nitrate manufacturers is high. The market of nitric acid is not good, and the price of nitric acid market remains low.

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Industry: In recent years, ammonium nitrate Market is in general, downstream civilian explosion industry parks more, coupled with the upstream raw material market nitric acid price low shock, ammonium nitrate market price trend is stable.

3. Future market forecast:

Ammonium nitrate analysts believe that the recent upstream raw material nitric acid and liquid ammonia market prices remain low, coupled with poor demand downstream, ammonium nitrate market prices are expected to maintain low volatility in the later period.

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