Ethylene oxide briefing this week (June 1 – June 11)

The price of ethylene oxide has remained stable since the end of last month when it was reduced by 800 yuan. At present, the ex factory price is 6900 yuan / ton.


As for raw materials, affected by downstream PE demand and regional bearish attitude, ethylene price has entered a downward cycle. As of today, the latest external price of ethylene in Northeast Asia is 955 US dollars / ton, down 70 US dollars / ton compared with the beginning of the month, down 6.83%. The external price of ethylene in Southeast Asia is 915 US dollars / ton, down 55 US dollars / ton compared with the beginning of the month, down 5.67%, Ethylene oxide is in deficit. At present, the supply of ethylene oxide is rather tight. Sipang is expected to be overhauled in July. Jinyan is still in a state of shutdown. Shanghai Petrochemical Company has not yet restarted. Satellite Petrochemical Company is in low-load operation. However, since April, the terminal demand has been weak. With the gradual announcement of entering Mei by southern provinces, the impact of rainwater on the infrastructure industry in East China can not be ignored, Industry insiders cannot push up expectations.

To digest the decline and stabilize temporarily, we need to pay close attention to the changes in terminal demand and ethylene market.

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