The market price of antimony ingots is temporarily stable after falling (May 31 to June 4)

The market price of antimony ingots in East China is temporarily stable from May 31 to June 4, 2021, with the price of 54750 yuan / ton.

ferric sulfate (Poly ferric sulphate)

The antimony commodity index was 76.22 on June 5, which was flat with yesterday, down 25.51% from the highest point 102.32 (2012-10-16) in the period, up 62.24% from the lowest point of 46.98 on December 24, 2015( Note: the cycle refers to 2012-09-08 to date).

This week, both supply and demand parties remained stagnant, downstream purchasing intention continued to be depressed, and market prices remained stable for a while. At present, the enterprises in Hunan Province have been resumed to start, and the market supply is recovering from the early stage, but the downstream demand is still not rising. Enter the off-season of traditional industry in the second quarter immediately, downstream demand will continue to shrink, and market mentality is generally weak.

As of June 5, 2 antimony ingots, 56500 yuan / ton, 0 × sb ingot 57500 yuan / ton were in the domestic market.

Supply and demand of antimony ingot Market is weak, which is about to enter the traditional off-season, with demand falling, and there is a slight gap between brands. At present, the supply of 2 # has begun to shrink, and the supply of 1 # is slightly loose. It is expected that there may be some room for the price of antimony ingots to decline in the future market.

According to the price monitoring of business agency, there are 2 commodities rising in the non-ferrous sector in the commodity price rise and fall list in the 22nd week (5.31-6.4) in 2021, of which more than 5% of the commodities are 1, accounting for 4.5% of the monitored commodities in the sector; The first two commodities were praseodymium oxide (5.85%) and cobalt (0.76%). There are 17 commodities falling on the same month, the first three products are dysprosium oxide (-5.00%), gold (-4.10%), dysprosium iron alloy (-4.07%). Both rose and fell – 1.74% this week, with most of the commodities down this week.

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