Weak demand and weak stable operation of ammonium sulfate (4.26-4.30)

1、 Price trend

ferric sulfate (Poly ferric sulphate)

According to the monitoring data of the business agency, the average price of domestic ammonium sulfate was 906 yuan / ton on April 26 and 906 yuan / ton on April 30, which was stable this week.

2、 Market analysis

This week, the overall market of ammonium sulfate is stable, and the market demand of ammonium sulfate is weak. By the end of the week, the mainstream ex factory price of coking grade ammonium sulfate in Shandong was 820-860 yuan / ton, that in Hebei was 770-820 yuan / ton, that in Shanxi was 750-820 yuan / ton, and that in Northeast was 700-800 yuan / ton.

This week, the downstream compound fertilizer market is stable, the overall temperature is low, and the fluctuation is small. The raw material price of compound fertilizer was slightly adjusted, but the price was still high, and the cost support was favorable. The lower reaches of compound fertilizer are mostly purchased on demand and run stably in the short term.

3、 Future forecast

Business community ammonium sulfate analysts believe that the current coking grade ammonium sulfate orders mainly in the early stage, the new single trading volume is insufficient. The supply of domestic ammonium sulfate is reduced due to the maintenance or planned maintenance of some enterprises. It is expected that ammonium sulfate will run smoothly in the short term.


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