April 2021 metal silicon weak operation

Silicon price in April

In April 2021, the price of metallic silicon (441) was weak. According to the data of business news agency, on April 29, the average market price of domestic metallic silicon (441) was 13016.67 yuan / ton, down 4.58% compared with the average market price of 13641.67 yuan / ton at the beginning of April (4.1). The decline was mainly in the first ten days of April, and the price of metallic silicon (441) was basically stable in the second half of the month. At present, the price of silicon has a tendency to stop falling, stabilize and even rise.

The price of 441 ᦇ silicon in different regions on the 29th is as follows:

The price range of silicon metal in Fujian is 12400-12500 yuan / ton, that in Sichuan is 12800-12900 yuan / ton, that in Kunming is 12900-13200 yuan / ton, that in Shanghai is 13500-13700 yuan / ton, and that in Tianjin port is 12800-12900 yuan / ton, The price range of silicon metal in Huangpu port is 13200-13400 yuan / ton.

Operation situation of three major downstream of silicon metal

Downstream polysilicon

In April, the polysilicon market kept rising. Domestic polysilicon prices continued to rise, domestic manufacturers and import prices remained high, especially import sources increased significantly. At present, domestic polysilicon manufacturers have successively signed new orders in May. The manufacturers are willing to support the price, and the ex factory price is strong. At present, the operating rate of domestic polysilicon manufacturers remains at a high level. Up to now, most of the domestic silicon material manufacturers are operating normally. The two equipment are maintained and started with reduced load. The enterprises maintain a high operating rate and the market supply is stable. The inventory pressure of enterprises has eased. This week, the silicon chip manufacturers did not adjust the price. The demand of downstream silicon chip manufacturers is stable. After several rounds of silicon chip price increases, the tolerance of the downstream to high price silicon materials has increased, and the purchasing volume has not decreased. However, the terminal cost pressure is relatively high, and the component purchasing has a slowing trend, which continues to go up or is hindered.

At present, the polysilicon market is still affected by the shortage of goods, and the price is mainly upward. Considering the current high point, the upward range and power may slow down.

Downstream silicone DMC

In April, the price of downstream silicone DMC was weak. In particular, the market price dropped sharply on the 12th. It is reported that Shandong Luxi Chemical Co., Ltd. sharply reduced the ex factory quotation of silicone DMC to 26400 yuan / ton on the 12th, raising the bearish sentiment of the market.

At present, although the silicone monomer factory has early order processing, the increasing capacity of new orders has weakened. The downward adjustment of silicone DMC price by individual large factories also affects the mood of downstream enterprises. At present, the wait-and-see situation is increasing. It is expected that the silicone DMC market will continue to be weak in the short term.

Downstream aluminum alloy

Recently, the price of aluminum ingot has been rising obviously, breaking through 18000 yuan / ton in April, a record high.

The price of aluminum alloy tends to be better.

Future forecast

The metal silicon just purchased is greatly affected by the overall supply and demand factors. With the coming of the wet season, the production capacity may be released, while the downstream consumption may not be able to expand simultaneously. It is expected that the metal silicon will maintain stability and operate weakly in the near future. In the later stage, we will focus on the impact of environmental protection policy factors and the average price of social production costs on the supply side.


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