Tight supply & favorable policy, market price of bisphenol A continues to rise

Since late January, the bisphenol a market has ignited again and soared to the sky. It has performed very well in the chemical industry sector. First, it soared for three days, with an increase of nearly 30%. After two days of market adjustment under the slight exclusion of the terminal, a small number of shippers made profits and actively shipped. The market was stable and declined. However, this week, the good came again, the market continued to rise. According to the monitoring data of the business agency, the average market offer was 13033 yuan / ton on January 17, 16583 yuan / ton on January 21, up 27.24%. On January 27, the average market offer was 17250 yuan / ton, up 32.35% in total. At present, the supply of goods in the market is limited. With the coming of the new year, the logistics in the downstream is blocked, and the goods in the downstream are still available. The transaction may be high before the year.



Under the situation of running out of ammunition and food, the demand hit again, and the extreme shortage of market supply was the main reason for the re ignition of bisphenol a market. After the end of the surge in the fourth quarter of 2020, the market fell sharply and plummeted. The vast majority of traders actively shipped goods, leading to the extreme shortage of goods in the market. And after the sharp rise and fall, many traders suffered serious losses. From the point of view of mentality, the sharp rise was the aspiration of the cargo holders. With the aggravation of the epidemic situation in the north and approaching the end of the new year, the cargo sources in the hands of the cargo holders actively sold. After a round of selling, the market gradually stabilized. When the purchasing heat of the downstream increased again, the market was seriously tense and the cargo holders were reluctant to sell.


Wind power make up for the fall started the “first shot”, epoxy resin industry is expected to improve again, pulling up bisphenol a market to rise again. It is understood that “Guangdong Energy Bureau recently released a draft for opinions on promoting the orderly development of offshore wind power. The opinions point out that it is necessary to expand the installed capacity, that is, 4gw offshore wind power will be put into operation by the end of 2021, 15gw by the end of 2025, that is, large-scale production of more than 8mW offshore wind power, and strive to achieve parity by the end of 2024. Guangdong Province decided to relay local subsidies: the subsidy scale is 4.5gw; the time limit is 2022 and 2023; the subsidy scale in 2022 is not more than 2.1gw, and the subsidy intensity is 1500 yuan / kW; the subsidy scale in 2023 is not more than 2.4gw, and the subsidy intensity is 1000 yuan / kW; the electricity price on the grid is local coal-fired electricity price; there will be no subsidy from 2024. ” This favorable policy is good for the terminal wind power industry. With the improvement of wind power industry and electronic industry, the epoxy resin will be increased, which will be conducive to the promotion of bisphenol a market. The epoxy resin market is also rising from 20000 yuan / ton after the New Year holiday to 25500-26000 yuan / ton at present. The factory orders are in short supply, and the terminal can only queue up to pick up the goods. After the downstream epoxy resin market continued to rise, the plant operation rate increased and the demand for bisphenol A increased.


From the perspective of the whole phenol ketone industry chain, the overall rise is the main, and the raw material side also presents a stable upward trend. The phenol Market is running at a high level, and the price is mainly supported by the shippers. There is little pressure on the market supply. According to the monitoring data of the business community, the phenol Market in East China offers 6700 yuan / ton. However, the acetone market rose sharply for two days, and the market offer remained high. The negotiation range of East China market was 7500-7700 yuan / ton, and the factories followed the upward trend of 350-450 yuan / ton. After the sharp rise of styrene in East China’s pure benzene industry, the phenol ketone industry chain was in a good state, and all of them were red from top to bottom.


According to the business community, bisphenol a market will still maintain this trend in the short term, but the current market supply is limited, the transaction is difficult to improve significantly, and the lower and lower reaches of high prices are still dominated by rigid demand. BPA market in East China is expected to remain at 18000 yuan / ton


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