China’s domestic BDO market spot tight

This week, the supply of domestic BDO spot goods is tight, and the market is strong and upward. According to the sample data monitored by the business association, as of January 15, the average price of domestic BDO producers was 13125 yuan / ton, which was stable on a month on month basis, with a year-on-year increase of 33.98%.


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Some enterprises announced new settlement price and listing price:


Enterprise, settlement in December (bulk delivered), listing in January (bulk delivered)

Xinjiang Meike Chemical Co., Ltd. $12650 / T East China, $12800 / T South China (bulk water delivery), $13300 / T East China, and $13500 / T South China (bulk water delivery)

Xinjiang Lanshan Tunhe Chemical Co., Ltd. $12650 / T East China, 12800 / T South China (bulk water to be delivered) 13300 / T East China, 13500 / T South China (bulk water to be delivered)

This week, the supply of domestic BDO spot goods is tight, and the market atmosphere is strong. The price of raw calcium carbide continued to soften, the cost support weakened, and the wait-and-see sentiment of downstream demand side was strong. However, Dongyuan, Panjin and Dalian reduced their production burden, Tunhe and Meike replaced their catalysts in the third phase, and Xinye boiler was overhauled and stopped until the 20th. The supply side was favorable and the support was obvious. The factory delivered the contract orders, and the transportation in some areas was slow, so the supply of spot goods was tight.


In terms of units, Jianfeng, Tianhua and Dongyuan are affected by natural gas, and the load is reduced to 70%; Tunhe two sets of units replace the catalyst in turn; Meike phase III replaces the catalyst, and is expected to restart soon; Xinye is affected by boiler maintenance, and stops until January 20; Panjin Dalian’s load is reduced due to shortage of raw materials; Yanchang oil unit is unstable, and the load is about 50%; heimao has been restarted, The load is not high; Kaixiang plant has been restarted, the current load is not high; Shanhua 30000 ton plant has been restarted, but the operation is unstable.


Raw material calcium carbide reserves are expected to continue to decline, the cost side support is still weak, and the demand side may be cautious. However, the current tense situation of spot supply continues, and manufacturers’ intention to support the market remains unchanged. If there is no significant improvement in the supply side in the short term, BDO analysts of the business community expect that the domestic BDO market will be mainly frozen in the short term.

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