Polyester staple fiber futures and spot prices rise, polyester yarn prices adjust

Spot market: driven by the rise of raw materials, the prices of pure polyester yarn and polyester cotton yarn continue to follow up. At present, the mainstream quotation of pure polyester yarn t32s in Fujian is 11500-11800 yuan / ton, with few high turnover. Jiangsu’s 32S report is around 11000, Hebei’s 10600, and the situation of strong in the South and weak in the north is maintained. The stock of yarn mills is low or they are short of goods. The recent sales of polyester and cotton yarn are acceptable, and the transaction price continues to rise. TC65 / 35 32S is near 16500-16800 in Fujian and 15700-16200 yuan / ton in Shandong. Cvc60 / 40 32S Fujian mainstream 19500-19800 quotation, Shandong 19200-19500 yuan / ton.



Upstream polyester staple fiber: futures, January 7 pf2105 contract price closed at 6848, compared with the previous trading day + 2.61%. The spot price of East China staple fiber was 6200 yuan / ton, up 50 yuan / ton from the previous trading day. At the beginning of this year, the “waste ban order” was officially implemented, resulting in a tight supply of recycled staple fiber raw materials and higher costs. The substitution of regenerated staple fiber is weakened, and the cost of primary staple fiber is pushed up by the rise of crude oil. The short-term trend of staple fiber is stronger.


Downstream demand: domestic weaving load is stable at 75.65%, weaving operation rate is slightly lower than that of the previous statistical cycle, follow-up spring and summer clothing orders are still facing the risk of inventory and RMB appreciation last year, weaving operation rate inflection point has not yet appeared.


Suggestions: pay attention to the price of raw materials and the impact of the epidemic on the construction and return home.


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