Aniline market remains stable this week (August 24-28, 2020)

1、 Price trend


The market price of aniline remained stable this week. On August 28, the price of aniline in Shandong was 4250-4430 yuan / ton, while that in East China was 4400-4500 yuan / ton.


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2、 Analysis and comment


In terms of cost, the listing price of pure benzene was 3020-3450 yuan / ton (average price was 3390 yuan / ton) this Sunday (August 30), and the pure benzene in Shandong Province decreased slightly. This week, pure benzene trading light, slightly lower than last week’s price. In the first half of the week, the spot price of pure benzene rose slightly due to the rise of styrene, but in the second half of the week, the price dropped due to the impact of low prices such as hydrogenated benzene. This week, pure benzene port inventory decreased slightly, but the inventory remained high.


This week, the price of nitric acid stabilized, and on the 28th, the production price in East China was 1500 yuan / ton.


Aniline market continued to operate stably this week, and there was no significant change in downstream demand. Within the week, there is news that Huatai will restart soon. It is expected that the market supply will increase in the later period, and the market will wait and see.


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3、 Future expectations


In terms of cost, in the later stage, some downstream units will restart, which will support the demand for pure benzene. But the port inventory is still high, crude oil, external disk support is weak. It is expected that the short-term pure benzene price will not have a big breakthrough and the price will fluctuate in a narrow range.


Dongying Huatai aniline plant is about to restart, and the follow-up market supply will increase, but it is expected that the impact will not be great. Aniline will be mainly stabilized in the next week.

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