Shandong propylene price rises steadily, with weekly increase of more than 4%

1、 Price trend


According to the data of the business club’s large scale list, the market price of propylene (Shandong) in China rose steadily this week, with the weekly low price of 6605 yuan / ton at the beginning of the week; the weekly high price of 6876 yuan / ton on Friday, with the weekly increase of 4.10%.


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2、 Analysis and comment


After a week’s rally in early June, Shandong propylene market showed a significant correction in the middle of the price. According to the price of the business agency, last week’s 7-day cumulative decline of 350 yuan / ton. But at the end of the week, the price stopped falling and recovered. Today, the price has risen 350-450 yuan / ton continuously. Now, the market turnover is between 6850-7150 yuan / ton, and the mainstream price is about 6850 yuan / ton. At present, propylene manufacturers have no inventory pressure, but due to continuous rise, the delivery situation is general.


In early June, the international crude oil price rose significantly, and declined slightly in the later period, but it was still up-regulated as a whole, which had a little pull-up effect on propylene.


In recent days, PP futures market is relatively cold. This week, PP spot rose slightly, with a weekly increase of 0.86%, which has little impact on propylene.


This week, acrylic acid market declined slightly, with a weekly decline of 0.81%, which had little impact on propylene.


This week’s propylene oxide market rose steadily, up 2.04% on a certain positive impact on propylene.


Epichlorohydrin prices fell steadily this week, down 2.48%, which had a negative impact on propylene.


This week, the domestic price of n-butanol rose significantly at the weekend, with a weekly increase of 1.83%, which has a little effect on propylene.


This week, octanol rose steadily after rising, up 2.14%, slightly positive impact on propylene.


Affected by the epidemic situation, isopropanol market, as one of the raw materials of foreign disinfectants, fell significantly this week, with a weekly decline of 4.60%, which had some negative impact on propylene.


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Phenol Market in East China fell slightly at the end of the week, down 1.92%, which had a certain suppression effect on propylene.


The acetone market in East China stabilized after a decline, with a weekly decline of 2.16%, which also had a certain suppression effect on propylene.


3、 Future forecast


According to the propylene analyst of the chemical branch of business society, on the whole, the international crude oil market has a slight upward trend, and propylene manufacturers have no overstocked inventory, but the long-term upward trend leads to a relatively cold sales situation, while the trend of the downstream market is weak, with a steady decline, and some downstream markets still have an upward trend, but the general upward trend does not exceed propylene, so it is expected that the price of propylene will start to decline in recent days.

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