April 24: propylene oxide Market is temporarily stable

1、 Price trend of propylene oxide:


(Figure: P value curve of propylene oxide product)


2、 Market analysis:


Product: according to the data of the business club’s bulk list, the market of propylene oxide was temporarily stable on the 24th. By the end of 24 days, the average price of propylene oxide enterprises was 7766.67 yuan / ton, flat compared with yesterday. On the 24th, the main quotation of propylene oxide Market in East China was around 7800-7900 yuan / ton, and that in Shandong was around 7550-7700 yuan / ton.


Industrial chain: on April 23, the market price of propylene in Shandong fell slightly. Last month, the price of propylene in Shandong Province fell in shock. At the end of the month, it fell sharply again, with a monthly decline of more than 15%. On the first day, the price continued to decline by 100-200 yuan / ton, and on the second day, it still declined by 50 yuan / ton. On the third day, the price of some enterprises slightly increased by 50-100 yuan / ton. After the Qing Dynasty, the price of propylene increased steadily. On the seventh day, the price began to rise by 100 yuan / ton, and on the tenth day, it rose by 200-300 yuan / ton, while on the 11th day of Saturday, it rose by more than 1000 yuan / ton. On the 12th day of Sunday, it continued to soar by 1000-5000 yuan / ton, Monday After the sharp rise on weekends, the market may need to digest, the price remained unchanged on the 13th. On the 14th, most of the enterprises’ prices dropped by 1000 yuan / ton, and some of them recovered to the price before the sharp rise. On the 15th, the price dropped by 500-1000 yuan / ton. On the 16th, the price continued to drop by 200 yuan / ton. On the 17th, the price still fell by 400 yuan / ton. On the 18th, Saturday, the price fell again. On the 19th, Sunday, the price remained stable Mainly, on the 20th, the price slightly increased by 50 yuan / ton. On the 21st, the price remained stable. On the 22nd, the price of some enterprises slightly decreased. On the 23rd, the price slightly decreased. On the 23rd, the market transaction was still between 5850-6100 yuan / ton, and the mainstream price was between 5850-5900 yuan / ton. On the 23rd, the downstream polyether market was on the sidelines. The atmosphere of market trading and investment was general. The demand for procurement was the main factor, and the actual order transactions were limited. There was a strong wait-and-see mood.


ammonium persulfate

Industry: according to the price monitoring of the business agency, there are three kinds of commodities in the rise and fall list of bulk commodity prices on April 23, 2020, among which there is one kind of commodity with an increase of more than 5%, accounting for 1.1% of the number of commodities monitored in the plate; the top three commodities are acetone (7.05%), ethanol (1.64%) and bisphenol A (0.23%). There are 22 kinds of commodities falling on a month on month basis, with 2 kinds of commodities falling by more than 5%, accounting for 2.2% of the number of commodities monitored in this sector; the top 3 products falling are hydrochloric acid (- 29.76%), glycol (- 5.53%) and aniline (- 4.22%). The average price of this day was – 0.68%.


3、 Future forecast:


According to the propylene oxide analyst of the business club, the cost side pressure of the propylene oxide plant is still there at present, and the overall operating rate is relatively low, but the demand side performance is general, and the operator is cautious. It is expected that in the short term, the market of propylene oxide will be mainly stagnant finishing operation, and more attention should be paid to the change of raw material price and downstream demand.


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