Acrylic acid market price rose slightly this week (1.6-1.10)

1、 Acrylic price trend:


Acrylic market rose slightly this week, according to the data in the business club’s bulk list. As of January 10, the average price of acrylic acid enterprises was 8166.67 yuan / ton, up 0.41% compared with the beginning of the week. In a three-month cycle, it rose 6.06% year-on-year. On October 10, the main quotation of domestic acrylic acid market was 7400-9300 yuan / ton. On January 10, the acrylic commodity index was 40.95, flat with yesterday, down 59.05% from the cycle’s highest point of 100.00 (2011-09-01), and up 66.67% from the lowest point of 24.57 on November 26, 2015. (Note: cycle refers to 2011-09-01 to now)


2、 Market analysis:


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Product: acrylic market slightly rose this week. The cost support has been greatly increased. The acrylic acid production enterprises have not yet fully recovered their devices. The spot supply is limited. The downstream enterprises prepare goods orderly before the festival. The inquiry strength has been improved. The negotiation atmosphere is good. Some factories raise their offers, and the acrylic acid market is stable. As of October 10, the price of acrylic acid of Shandong Yukang Chemical Co., Ltd. has been temporarily stable, with 7600 yuan / ton of puic acid and 8100 yuan / ton of refined acid. The specific transaction price is discussed in a single way. Jinan aochen Chemical Co., Ltd. has 7800 yuan / ton of puic acid and 9400 yuan / ton of refined acid. The specific transaction price is discussed in a single way. The price of acrylic acid of Wanhua chemical and Petrochemical Co., Ltd. has remained stable, mainly for contracts and stable customers. At present, acrylic acid The price is 7800 yuan / ton.


Industry chain: this week (1.6-1.10) the market in the upstream propylene Shandong region rose, or 2.53%. Influenced by international crude oil, domestic propylene price rebounded from the bottom at the end of December, rising continuously. On January 5 and 6, it was generally stable, on July 7 and August, it was stable on September 9, and on October, it continued to increase by about 100 yuan / ton. At present, the market transaction has risen to about 7050-7300 yuan / ton, and the mainstream price is about 7050 yuan / ton. It is expected that propylene market price may still rise in recent days.


3、 Future forecast:


According to the acrylic analysts of the business club, in the near future, the price of raw propylene has been rising continuously, with strong cost support and a good atmosphere for goods preparation in the downstream before the festival. It is expected that the acrylic market will rise steadily in the short term, and more attention should be paid to the upstream, downstream and mainstream market conditions.

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