EPS lacks good support and prices fall

I. price trend


EPS market was generally stable, with some losses. Due to the lack of hot spots in the market, business offers are cautious and limited in operation. Although there is a small amount of replenishment in the terminal market, there is no intention for a large amount of demand, and the downstream is still in a wait-and-see attitude.


II. Market analysis


potassium persulphate

EPS Market: EPS market price fell, Wuxi Xingda EPS factory price, ordinary material quotation is 9600 yuan / ton. The ex factory price of Dongying Hairong EPS is 9600 yuan / ton for common materials. The ex factory price of Jiangyin Hupao EPS is 9600 yuan / ton for common materials.


III. future forecast


EPS market performance is still sluggish, downstream factories are still purchasing on demand, and the intention of goods preparation is not high. At present, EPS market continues to be flat, and it is more difficult to maintain stability in the future. EPS market is expected to maintain a stable, moderate and soft trend.


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