The market of the industrial chain has fallen and the market of o-benzenes has remained weak and stable after the festival.

Price trends:

According to the data monitoring of business associations, after the festival, Sinopec’s execution quotation of O-Benzene is stable, while the market of O-Benzene is weak and stable. As of October 12, the executed contract price of O-xylene Sinopec was 6900.00 yuan/ton, which was more stable than the pre-season (September 30) price of O-xylene of 6900.00 yuan/ton. Prices fell by 8.00% over the same period last year. The price of o-benzene maintained stability after the festival, the market of o-benzene went down, and the market of o-benzene was weak and stable after the festival.

II. Market analysis:

Product analysis

Commodity Name, Quotation Type, Port, Weekly Price, Weekly Price, Unit
O-xylene FOB Gulf of Mexico 882.00 870.98 11.02 US dollars/ton
O-xylene CFR China 800.00 805.00-5.00 Euro/ton
O-xylene CFR Southeast Asia 835.00 855.00-20.00 US dollars/ton
O-xylene FOB Korea 795.00 805.00-10.00 US dollars/ton
O-xylene FOB Rotterdam 860.00 860.00 USD/t
2010.10 Business Association
After the festival, the external quotation of neighbouring benzene fell sharply, while the external quotation of China fell by $5 per ton. In South Korea, the quotation of benzene in Southeast Asia fell by 10 US dollars per ton and 20 US dollars per ton respectively. The price of imported phenyl fell, the price of port phenyl fell, the stock of port was low, and the negative pressure of future market phenyl market increased. Phase II of Hainan Refinery and Chemical Co., Ltd. started operation, Luoyang Petrochemical Co., Ltd. suspended shipment due to faults, Jinling Petrochemical Co., Ltd. stopped production and maintenance of phenyl equipment, phenyl supply was temporarily stable, the shortage of phenyl was alleviated, and the good momentum of phenyl market in the future was weakened.

Factor Analysis of Industrial Chain

potassium persulphate

After the festival, the price of mixed xylene fell sharply, the price of raw materials fell sharply, the cost of o-phenyl fell, the market of o-phenyl was negative, and the downward pressure of o-phenyl price increased in the future. Overall, the cost of o-phenyl declined, and the future market is not good for o-phenyl.
After the festival, the price of phthalic anhydride fell sharply, downstream demand declined, the demand gap of phthalic anhydride decreased, the market was positive, and the driving force of phthalic anhydride rise weakened. As for plasticizers, DOP market fell, and downward pressure increased. Downstream market of phenyl was negative. The driving force of phenyl rise weakened and downward pressure increased.

3. Future market forecast:

Bai Jiaxin, an analyst of business community’s o-xylene data, believes that after the festival, the market of o-xylene has increased rapidly and the price of o-xylene has remained stable. The price of raw materials mixed xylene has fallen sharply, the cost of phthalic anhydride and plasticizer has fallen sharply downstream, and the negative pressure on the market of phthalic anhydride has increased as the market of industrial chain has fallen. As for the start-up rate of phenyl plants, the second phase of Hainan Refinery and Chemical Co., Ltd. started operation, the failure of Luoyang Petrochemical Co., Ltd. suspended shipment, Jinling Petrochemical Co., Ltd. stopped production and maintenance of phenyl equipment, and the start-up of phenyl equipment was low and stable; as for the external market, the quotation of phenyl external market declined slightly, while the port stock increased, but it was still at a low level, which was advantageous to domestic phenyl market. In summary, the downward and downward trend of the o-xylene industry chain has declined, but the market for o-xylene is negative; the low starting rate of o-xylene equipment has been maintained, the supply of o-xylene has remained stable, the supply of o-xylene is still slightly inadequate, and the o-xylene industry has a certain positive momentum; the overall market for o-xylene is mixed, the momentum for the rise of the price of o-xylene in the future market has weakened, and the pressure for the decline has increased, and the market

Future markets should focus on: the start-up of phthalic manufacturers, phthalic port inventory, downstream phthalic anhydride and plasticizer market. Attention can be paid to the cost of o-benzene.

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