The price of hydrochloric acid in North China was stable this week (9.23-9.27)

Price Trend

According to the price monitoring of business associations, the comprehensive price of hydrochloric acid in North China was temporarily stable this week, offering 166.67 yuan/ton, up 29.88% from the same period last year. Overall, the hydrochloric acid market was stable this week, with the hydrochloric acid commodity index of 343.86 on September 27.

II. Market Analysis

(1) Products:

This week, the quotation of hydrochloric acid market manufacturers is temporarily stable and the overall market is low. Dezhou Shihua hydrochloric acid quotation is 150 yuan/ton, the quotation is temporarily stable; Wenshui synthetic hydrochloric acid weekend quotation is 230 yuan/ton, compared with the beginning of the week, the quotation is temporarily stable; Jinan Yuanfei hydrochloric acid quotation is 200 yuan/ton, the quotation is temporarily stable; Dezhou Meihua hydrochloric acid quotation is 70 yuan/ton, the quotation is temporarily stable.

(2) Industrial chain:

potassium persulphate

The price of liquid chlorine in the upstream market is stable, which supports hydrochloric acid. The downstream dyes, calcium chloride and chloroethane still buy hydrochloric acid on demand in the early stage. The hydrochloric acid market as a whole is still weak. By-product acid shocks the market. The pressure of hydrochloric acid shipment is high. The quality of by-product hydrochloric acid produced by TDI, chloropropene, propylene oxide and methane chloride is relatively good. For the purpose of shipment, each manufacturer has the situation of inverted freight shipment. Overall, the difficulty of delivery of hydrochloric acid is still a major problem.

3. Future Market Forecast

After the adjustment in August, the capital reflux of each factory is in good condition, the equipment has been repaired and the production capacity has increased. Business analysts believe that the upstream liquid chlorine is good in the near future, but the downstream demand for rare earth and fuel is still general, and by-product acid shocks the market. Business analysts believe that the late hydrochloric acid market is still more vulnerable to consolidation.

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