Poor demand led to a sharp drop in China domestic bromine market in July

Price data:

According to the monitoring data of business associations, the domestic bromine market fell sharply in July. At the beginning of the month, the average price of bromine was about 34000 yuan/ton, and at the end of the month, it was about 30714 yuan/ton. The overall decline was 9.66%, which was 7.5% higher than the same period last year.


II. Cause Analysis

Products: This month, the domestic bromine market is affected by environmental protection and continuous rainfall, the overall start-up rate has been reduced. Some enterprises in Laizhou Bay and Changyi area have stopped work, the spot supply has declined to a certain extent, and is expected to resume around mid-August. At present, the downstream market is in the off-season, the demand for bromine is not good, leading to some enterprises to appear one. Fixed stock. At present, the mainstream quotation of enterprises is around 2900-31000 yuan/ton, and some of the real orders are on the low side.

Industry chain: Bromine upstream industry rose and fell differently this month: the sulfur market dropped 13.71% in a month, currently about 860 yuan/ton; the caustic soda market rose 1.44% in a month, currently about 705 yuan/ton; the soda market fell first, then stabilized, by 3.3%, currently the average price is about 1660 yuan/ton; the sulfuric acid market rose and then decreased in a month. The increase was 5.81%, currently about 227 yuan per ton. At present, the downstream flame retardant industry of bromine is in poor demand, the market as a whole is light, the price of bromine is insufficient to support, and the industry of pharmaceutical and agricultural intermediates is affected by environmental protection, resulting in low overall start-up and limited demand.

3. Future Market Forecast

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Analysts of bromine industry in business associations believe that the domestic bromine market has started to decline, and the industry production is expected to resume around mid-August. At present, the downstream market is just in poor demand, and some imported low-cost bromine has a certain impact on the market, resulting in a reduction in the purchase of domestic bromine in some downstream. It is expected that bromine prices will decline weakly in the near future.

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