On October 22, the domestic butadiene market was stable

First, the price trend

Recently, the market for butadiene has remained stable. Business community monitoring showed that as of October 22, the price of butadiene was 10,541 yuan / ton, and the price rose by 3.64%.

Second, the analysis of influencing factors

Products: The market price of butadiene remained flat. The market was shocked by the low-cost supply of Shenhua Ning coal. However, the price of the outer disk fell sharply. The Liaotong chemical industry was temporarily suspended for sale. Shenhua’s low-priced auctions were auctioned, and the downstream receiving goods were cautious. It is expected that the market price of butadiene will still be lower.

potassium persulphate

Industry chain: styrene-butadiene rubber: Due to the impact of the price of styrene-butadiene rubber in the major sales companies, the domestic styrene-butadiene rubber offer slightly weakened, and the inquiry was improved in some areas due to the stabilization of butadiene in the inner plate. Just need to trade mainly. Butadiene rubber: As the major sales companies gradually lowered the price of butadiene rubber, the domestic butadiene rubber market was weak, basically around the ex-factory price. Although the enquiries have been seen in areas such as Fujian due to tight resources, other regions have changed little, and transactions have been flat. SBS: The domestic SBS market oil and rubber is weakly organized, and the dry rubber road reform continues the decline. Oil rubber: Sinopec South China F875 is expected to settle flat, the business is flat, the spot is not much, the downstream shoe companies cautiously entered the market. In terms of dry glue: the supply price of dry glue and road reform has become different, and the peak season of consumption change has gradually weakened, and the demand for dry glue has increased. In the short term, the cost will weaken and the industry’s mentality will be suppressed. Downstream shoe materials companies have weak orders, and road material demand has turned weak. Oil rubber and dry rubber roads have changed after the market has fallen, and it is not possible to rule out further declines.

Third, the market outlook

Concerns about supply vacancies remain, international crude oil prices have risen slightly, Asian butadiene external disk prices have remained unchanged, and domestic market prices remain high, and the market waits and sees a strong atmosphere. Business and industry butadiene analysts expect short-term domestic Butadiene prices are still down.


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