China’s domestic p-xylene price remains high on October 11

On October 10, the PX Commodity Index was 88.00, which was the same as yesterday. It was 14.06% lower than the highest point in the cycle of 102.40 points (2013-02-28), which was 93.19% higher than the lowest point of 45.55 on February 15, 2016. (Note: Period refers to 2013-02-01 to date)

potassium persulphate

Recently, the domestic p-xylene market price remained at a high level. The on-site installation of Pengzhou Petrochemical was overhauled. The Urumqi petrochemical plant started 50%. The Tenglong aromatics plant has been in operation. Other devices are temporarily operating stably and the domestic paraxylene market is normal. The operating rate of PX devices in Asia is less than 70%. On October 10, the closing price of the paraxylene market in Asia increased by US$8/ton, and the closing price was 1333-1335 USD/ton FOB Korea and 1353-1355 USD/ton CFR China, USA WTI crude oil futures market price fell in November, reported 73.17 US dollars / barrel, a decrease of 1.79 US dollars, Brent crude oil December futures prices fell, reported 83.09 US dollars / barrel, a decline of 1.91 US dollars, upstream raw material prices slightly lower, PX market Prices are high and volatile. Recently, the textile industry has generally trended, and the price of the downstream PTA market has risen slightly. By the end of the 10th, the domestic PTA operating rate has fallen to around 73%, the PTA price is at a low level, and the average price of the East China region has been raised from 8,000-8200 yuan/ton. The downstream production and sales market is generally low, and the price of the PTA market has not changed much. It is expected that the price of the PX market will fluctuate in the later period.

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