On September 22, the price of magnesium ingot rushed to 60000

22 Shaanxi magnesium ingot price list

Market analysis

ferric sulfate (Poly ferric sulphate)

Recently, the national development and Reform Commission directly named the provinces that failed to meet the requirements of energy consumption reduction rate, including Shaanxi. After the Mid Autumn Festival, it was learned from some magnesium ingot enterprises in Shaanxi that most magnesium enterprises in the main production areas of domestic magnesium ingots have stopped production, and the time for resumption of work has not been determined yet. Individual enterprises offer more than 60 million / ton. The supply of magnesium ingots was sharply compressed, and the sudden shutdown caught the merchants in the magnesium industry chain unprepared, resulting in strong market wait-and-see mood.

Future forecast

At present, affected by policy factors, the supply of magnesium ingots is obviously insufficient, and the market acceptance of high priced magnesium ingots is not high. Business analysts believe that magnesium prices will remain high in the short term.


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