Sulfur prices remained stable at a high level

According to the price monitoring of the business agency, the sulfur price trend in East China ran smoothly this week. On July 25, the average sulfur production price was 1646.67 yuan / ton, which was stable compared with the price on July 19, an increase of 0.20% compared with the beginning of July.

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The domestic sulfur market is dominated by consolidation and operation, refineries in various regions are stable and small, downstream factories mostly purchase on demand, a small number of orders in the market, the spot in the port is relatively concentrated, the quantity of supply ships is limited, and the on-site mentality is partial to wait-and-see. During the week, refineries in various regions in China adjusted their prices according to their own shipments. The price of liquid sulfur was increased by 20-30 yuan / ton, and the price of sulfur fixation was temporarily stable. As of the 25th, the prices of sulfur in various regions in China are as follows:

region varieties July 25th

East China Sulfur (particle) 1680-1740 yuan / ton

North China Sulfur (particle) 1470-1600 yuan / ton

Shandong region Sulfur (particle) 1620-1640 yuan / ton

In the downstream phosphate fertilizer market, the price trend of Monoammonium was stable, and diammonium rose slightly. Monoammonium enterprises have sufficient orders, mainly digest early export orders, accept a small number of new orders, have limited spot supply, tight on-site supply and maintain a high price. Domestic demand for diammonium is strong, and enterprises mainly supply export orders in the early stage. Coupled with the approaching fertilizer use in autumn, domestic demand is good, and the future market may continue to rise. Comprehensive phosphate fertilizer market analysis has a good support for the later trend of upstream sulfur.

According to the sulfur analysts of business society, the domestic sulfur market remains stable at a high level, the production and sales of refineries in various regions are stable, and the market trading is good. In addition, the downstream phosphate fertilizer supports the sulfur market, the operator has a positive attitude, and the future sulfur market will continue to be sorted out at a high level, paying specific attention to the market transaction.

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