Favorable supply and demand help magnesium ingot price to reach 20000

The magnesium market continued to rise this week. The price of magnesium rose steadily at the beginning of the week. The market transactions followed one after another. The market trading was the direct reason for the rise of magnesium price. As of July 16, the market quotation of magnesium ingots in mainstream areas in China has exceeded 200 million / T. As of July 16, the specific price ranges of each region are as follows:

ferric sulfate (Poly ferric sulphate)

In fugu area, the ex factory spot exchange including tax is 20100-20200 yuan / ton; The ex factory cash including tax in Ningxia is 20100-20200 yuan / ton; In Taiyuan area, the ex factory spot exchange including tax is 20200-20300 yuan / ton; In Wenxi area, the ex factory cash including tax is 20300-20400 yuan / ton.

Market analysis

From the perspective of raw materials, the high cost of ferrosilicon and coke still exists, and the pressure of raw material cost of magnesium plant still exists.

From the perspective of inventory, some magnesium plants are in the maintenance period. Due to the environmental protection inspection in Yulin, Shaanxi Province, and the active trading in the downstream market, the inventory of magnesium plants is released and the spot quantity is small.

From the perspective of demand, the downstream customers are affected by the sentiment of “buy up but not buy down”, the market transaction is hot, and the downstream end replenishment is positive.

Future forecast

From the perspective of supply and demand, at present, the cost of raw material market is still high and stable, the inventory in the spot market is tight, and the downstream customers are actively purchasing. in summary. Business community analysts believe that the downstream demand has been released a few days ago. In the case of high magnesium price, the downstream demand will be reduced compared with before. In the short term, the magnesium ingot Market will have limited rise, but still maintain a strong operation.


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