Nitric acid price stable this week (5.10-5.14)

1、 Nitric acid market price trend chart

Nitric acid price curve

According to the monitoring of business agency, the average price of concentrated nitric acid in domestic areas this week is 2266 yuan / ton, and the quotation is stable.

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2、 Market analysis

On May 11, Anhui Jinhe quoted 2200 yuan / ton, which was the same as last time; Wenshui Synthetic Chemical Co., Ltd. quoted 2200 yuan / ton for concentrated nitric acid and 960 yuan / ton for dilute nitric acid, which was the same as last time; Shandong helitainong nitric acid quoted 2400 yuan / ton, which was the same as last time. The market demand of nitric acid is weak and stable, and the quotation of manufacturers is stable.

According to the monitoring of the business association, the market price of upstream liquid ammonia fell by 0.69% this week. Downstream aniline, domestic market price of aniline is stable this week. On May 16, the price of aniline was 11300-11500 yuan / ton in Shandong and 11700 yuan / ton in Nanjing. TDI, the market price in East China fell 0.46% this week.

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3、 Future forecast

Nitric acid market demand is weak and stable, nitric acid analysts of business association predict that nitric acid will be mainly consolidated.

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