Tender price of crude benzene increased slightly this week (March 8-12)

From March 8 to December 2021, the market price of crude benzene increased slightly. The domestic ex factory price was 4607 yuan / ton at the beginning of the week and 4695 yuan / ton at the end of the week, with a weekly rise of 1.91%.


In March 2023, Sinopec did not adjust the price of 6750 yuan / ton of pure benzene.


Coking enterprises started well this week. At present, they have sufficient profits and good production enthusiasm. Affected by the wide fluctuation trend of crude oil this week, the price of pure benzene fluctuated mainly, the price fluctuated frequently, and the market enthusiasm was poor. This week, the crude benzol auction situation, bidding price increased slightly.


The overall operation rate of hydrogenated benzene enterprises is stable at about 70%, with a slight increase in overall operation. Most of the units are in normal operation, and the demand for crude benzene is relatively stable. At present, the price difference of crude benzene hydrogenation benzene is more reasonable, the profits of hydrogenation benzene enterprises are improved, and the production and sales of enterprises are active.


In the future, the business association thinks that the price difference between crude benzene and hydrogenated benzene is reasonable, and the profit margin of hydrogenated benzene enterprises is better than that in the earlier stage. It is expected that the demand for crude benzene in the future is fair, and the price of crude benzene will fluctuate slightly.

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