The price of activated carbon is firm

According to the monitoring of business news agency, the price of activated carbon was 10000 yuan / ton at the beginning of this week and 10033 yuan / ton at the end of this week, with an increase of 0.33%.


The price of domestic activated carbon is rising. At present, the ex factory price of activated carbon for coconut shell water purification in East China is between 9500-12500 yuan / ton. The downstream of domestic activated carbon is delivered on demand, and the atmosphere of on-site delivery is active. Most of the products are delivered according to orders, while the downstream is mainly on the wait-and-see.


The raw materials of activated carbon are rich, including coal, sawdust, fruit shell, straw, etc.


Forecast: the market of activated carbon is normal, the market lacks the support of good news, and the short-term price of activated carbon may be dominated by shock finishing.

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