Polyoxymethylene prices fell this week (2.15-2.19)

1、 Polyoxymethylene market price trend chart



Price curve of paraformaldehyde


According to the monitoring of the business agency, the average price of paraformaldehyde at the beginning of this week was 6500 yuan / ton, and the average price at the weekend was 6433 yuan / ton, down 1.03%.


2、 Market analysis


On February 18, Shandong formaldehyde Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., with an annual output of 30000 tons of paraformaldehyde, offered 6000 yuan / ton of paraformaldehyde (96) including tax, which was the same as that of the year before. Linyi Shengyang Chemical Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 9000 tons of polyoxymethylene. The ex factory price of Polyoxymethylene (96) including tax is 6300 yuan / ton, which is 200 yuan / ton lower than that of a year ago. Zibo Qixing Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., with an annual output of 10000 tons of polyoxymethylene, Polyoxymethylene (96) ex factory price including tax 7000 yuan / ton, the price is the same as before. After the Spring Festival, enterprises have resumed work one after another, the market wait-and-see mood is heavy, and the enterprise quotation is relatively stable. The price of POM was higher before the festival, but some enterprises reduced their price after the festival.


The upstream raw material methanol, according to the monitoring data of the business community, recently the domestic methanol market has recovered in a narrow range. As of February 20, the average price of methanol producers in Shandong was 2267 yuan / ton, with a month on month decrease of 3.92% and a year-on-year increase of 14.09%.


3、 Future forecast


Business community polyoxymethylene analysts expect that after the festival polyoxymethylene stable operation in the short term.


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