LPG welcomes rebound market, price rises nearly 10% after Festival

At the end of the Spring Festival holiday, the overall price of Shandong’s civil gas market has been pushed up, and it is happy to rebound. According to the data monitoring of the business community, the average price of LPG in Shandong market was 3550.00 yuan / ton on February 9 before the festival and 3900.00 yuan / ton on February 18 after the festival. The rebound rate after the festival was 9.86%, up 6.07% compared with February 1.


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As of February 18, the mainstream prices of LPG in various regions of China are as follows:

Specification ﹣ mode of transportation ﹣ region ﹣ mainstream quotation

Civil gas and automobile transportation in North China: RMB 3810-3900 / T

Civil gas and automobile transportation in East China: RMB 3810-3850 / T

Civil gas and automobile transportation in South China: 3978-4100 yuan / ton

Civil gas and automobile transportation in Shandong Province: 3800-4050 yuan / ton

In February, the overall trend of LPG market is weak, and all regions in China are in a downward trend, but there are some differences in the decline range. Shandong civil gas market prices fell significantly before the festival. On the 3rd, it began to decline continuously. Before the festival, due to the decline in transportation, the downstream replenishment has ended one after another, and they have withdrawn from the market to wait and see. The market demand is limited, and the transaction atmosphere is significantly lower than that in the early stage. However, the manufacturers’ demand for stock arrangement before the festival has not been fully completed, and the prices are continuously lowered for shipment. Most manufacturers adjust according to their own situation, and the overall weakness is the main.


After the festival, the overall LPG civil market rose to varying degrees, and the market rebounded. Shandong market actively pushed up on February 18, with an increase of 300-400 yuan / ton compared with that before the festival. At present, the mainstream price of civil gas in Shandong market is about 3950-4050 yuan / ton. After the festival, international crude oil continued to rise, the news is good for the civil gas market. And after the festival, the demand for storage and replenishment in the downstream is positive. The overall delivery situation of manufacturers is good, inventory is mostly at a controllable level, and most regions are actively pushing up.


However, the LPG futures market fell slightly, with limited positive effect on the spot market. On February 18, the opening price of LPG futures contract 2103 was 3350, the highest price was 3377, the lowest price was 3289, the closing price was 3314, the former settlement price was 3335, the settlement price was 3326, down 21, or 0.63%. The trading volume was 47116, the position was 37974, and the daily increase was 1817. (quotation unit: yuan / ton)


Before the festival, the price continuously bottomed to a relatively low level. At present, the market has rebounded. The rise of international crude oil has brought obvious support to the market. In addition, the demand for downstream storage and replenishment at the end of the holiday has made the overall transaction atmosphere of the market active. Most of the manufacturers’ inventories are controllable, and it is expected that Shandong civil gas market may still rise in the short term.

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