N-butanol prices continue to gather at the high end this week (10.12-10.16)

According to the monitoring data of the business agency, as of October 16, the average ex factory price of domestic n-butanol was 6533 yuan / ton. Compared with October 12, the average price of domestic n-butanol increased by 183 yuan / ton, or 2.89%; compared with October 1, the average price of domestic n-butanol increased by 200 yuan / ton, or 3.16%.


ferric sulfate (Poly ferric sulphate)

This week, the market of n-butanol concentrated on high-end operation


The market of n-butanol has been rising this week. The high level of raw propylene supports the cost of n-butanol. The market trend of butyl ester in the downstream is good, which also gives market confidence. At present, the market of n-butanol is conducted smoothly up and down, and the trading atmosphere is good. The average quotation price of domestic mainstream regions is 6533 yuan / ton. Among them, the mainstream quotation of n-butanol in South China is around 6900 yuan / ton, and the high-end price is increased to 7000 yuan / ton; the mainstream quotation of n-butanol in North China is 6500-6600 yuan / ton, the mainstream quotation of n-butanol in East China is 6700-6800 yuan / ton, and the high-end quotation is 6900 yuan / ton. As of the 16th, Luxi Chemical Co., Ltd. offered 6500 yuan / ton of n-butanol, up 200 yuan / ton within the week, Shandong lihuayi’s ex factory offer of n-butanol was 6500 yuan / ton, with an increase of 150 yuan / ton during the week, and that of Wanhua chemical in North China was 6600 yuan / ton, up 200 yuan / ton during the week.



On the upstream side, on October 15, the propylene market prices in Shandong Province fell slightly. According to the price chart of the business agency, since October 1, the price of propylene has remained stable on the whole, and the prices of some enterprises have gone up and down slightly. On Thursday, only one enterprise’s price dropped slightly, while other enterprises continued to keep stable. The market turnover is now between 7480 yuan / ton and 7650 yuan / ton, and the mainstream price is about 7500 yuan / ton. Recently, part of the propylene plant maintenance, the overall supply is small tension.


Stable demand for n-butanol at low inventory level


At present, the inventory level of factories and ports is on the low side, the position of middlemen is concentrated, and the enterprise’s spot offer is high. The main downstream butyl ester demand for raw materials is stable, and it is expected that the high-end of n-butanol market will be strong in the short term.


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