On September 16, China’s domestic market price of bisphenol A was high and firm

Bisphenol a market in East China is running at a high level, and the reference for negotiation is 12400-12500 yuan / ton. After the factory’s sharp increase of 500 yuan / ton yesterday, the market followed the upward trend. Yesterday, both the market and the factory offer were at a high level. The downstream inquiry was positive, but the transaction was rare. On the whole, the market was relatively contradictory to the high price. Today, the market entered a state of rest, and the overall market maintained a high level. Under the tight supply of goods, there was basically no pressure on the shippers to deliver goods and the transaction was at a high level. It is expected that the domestic bisphenol a market will be stable in the short term. The market negotiation in East China will be at 12500 yuan / ton. Next week, it will be ready for the national day. The Business Association expects that the bisphenol a market will run at a high level before the festival. At the end of the day, bisphenol offers across the country were as follows:



Regional price rise and fall

East China 12350-12400 100

12400-12500 100 in North China


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