Can LPG market meet the “rising tide” again in the short term?

The general trend of the civil LPG market stabilized in the middle and late August, and the fluctuation range was limited during the period, with the rise and fall mostly maintained at about 50 yuan / ton. According to the data monitoring of business agency, the average price of LPG in Shandong market was 3150.00 yuan / ton on August 18, and 3166.67 yuan / ton on August 24, with an increase of 0.53% and 1.60% compared with August 1.



In the middle and late August, Shandong LPG civil market is mainly stable, with limited fluctuation range. The price is mostly maintained at about 3200 yuan / ton, and the market transaction atmosphere is general. From August 18 to 20, due to the limited downstream demand and resistance to high prices, the enthusiasm for entering the market turned weak and the atmosphere of shipment was general. The market was weak at first, but the range was not large. Subsequently, on the 21st and 24th, there were two small rises, but the range was still limited. Due to the low level of supply in the District, after the price dropped slightly, the downstream market was appropriately replenished, and the transaction atmosphere was improved. After the manufacturers’ inventory fell to the middle level, some of them pushed up sporadically, and the upstream mentality was strong.


Until August 25, the mainstream prices of LPG in various regions of China are as follows:

Specification, mode of transportation, region, date, mainstream transaction price

Civil gas transportation in North China on August 25: 3090-3150 yuan / ton

Benzalkonium chloride

Civil gas and automobile transportation in East China on August 25, 2960-3000 yuan / ton

Civil gas and automobile transportation in South China on August 25, 2950-2970 yuan / ton

Civil gas transportation by truck in Shandong Province on August 25, 3140-3180 yuan / ton

Civil gas and automobile transportation in Northeast China August 25: 3200-3400 yuan / ton

Civil gas and automobile transportation in Western China August 25: 3040-3045 yuan / ton

During the middle and late August, the weak decline of upstream international crude oil had limited support for the market. Downstream products rose and fell in different ways, with maleic anhydride and propylene markets rising slightly, while propane and ethylene markets declined mainly.


At present, as the storm approaches the Gulf of Mexico, more than half of the offshore production facilities in the region are closed, and the supply is reduced. It is expected that the oil price will be boosted, and the international crude oil will be pushed up. The news will play a positive role in the market. At present, the market is supported by low supply and good profit, most of the inventory is in the middle and low level, and the willingness to support price is obvious. However, the terminal demand has not improved significantly, and the enthusiasm of downstream market entry is limited, and it is mainly cautious to wait and see. Most of the manufacturers’ shipment performance is general, the market transaction atmosphere is flat, to a certain extent, the price rise is restrained. It is estimated that it will be difficult to achieve a sharp rise in the short term, or high-level consolidation is the main task.

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