Under the high price of n-propanol, there may be “shipping risk”

According to the price monitoring data of business agency, as of July 10, the reference average price of domestic n-propanol including packaging in mainstream areas was around 11900 yuan / ton, which was basically stable compared with the price on the first day of this month; compared with the price on June 1, the average price increased by 733 yuan / ton, or 6.57%. Compared with the price on April 1 at the beginning of the second quarter, the average price increased by 1833 yuan / ton, or 18.21%.



Since mid April, n-propanol has entered the upstream channel, and the strong trend in the past two months is mainly due to the support of raw material ethylene and the rising market of isopropanol, downstream users turn to replenish their positions and use n-propanol as solvent. From April to now, the trend of isopropanol has been repeated, but n-propanol can be described as a steady rise all the way, mainly due to the factory’s active regulation and control of the operating rate of n-propanol, the low level of n-propanol inventory, and the sharp rise of raw material ethylene price to the steady rise of the market of n-propanol.


The market of n-propanol was stable in the first ten days of July


In July, the domestic n-propanol market was mainly stable, with low plant operating rate, tight supply and small inventory pressure, which supported the stable offer of n-propanol. 8. On the 9th, with the obvious downward trend of isopropanol market, the wait-and-see mood of downstream manufacturers of n-propanol increased, the atmosphere of transaction was relatively cold, the market shipping resistance was large, and more on-demand procurement was given priority to.


As of July 10, Nanjing area: the manufacturer Nanjing Rongxin Chemical Co., Ltd., the normal operation of 30000 T / a n-propanol plant, the ex factory quotation of n-propanol for external bulk water is 11000 yuan / T (cash purified water ex warehouse price), the current price is the same as the price of 1 day, the supply is tight, and the goods are delivered according to the plan; in Shandong area, the mainstream delivery price of n-butanol (bulk water) is 10800-11200 yuan / T, and the low-end bulk water is in the range of 10800-11200 yuan / T The delivery price is 10500 yuan / ton, the high-end bulk water is 11500 yuan / ton; the mainstream delivery price of n-butanol barrel is 11600-12000 yuan / ton, and that of rare high-end barrel is 12500 yuan / ton. Shanghai: with the rise of the price of domestic n-propanol, some traders in Shanghai have also raised the price of imported n-propanol (barreled) one after another. The current quotation is around 13500-14000 yuan / ton. Dealers in various regions still have reservations about the price. It is not easy to monitor the price, which may lead to differences in the specific negotiation situation. Each region also has its own differences. The actual negotiation is mainly based on the actual order, and the future market needs to wait and see the price of raw materials Change of qualification and shipment.


In the upstream sector, since July, the propylene oxide market has been mainly in a small decline. At the beginning of the month, downstream purchasing customers were strongly resistant to high prices, and the buying orders were cold and the follow-up of new orders was weak. Under the increasing inventory pressure, the mentality of supporting prices became weak and the market quotation was lowered. As of July 9, the reference price of propylene oxide was 9833.33 yuan / ton, down 133 yuan / ton or 1.34% compared with July 1 (9966.67 yuan / ton).


Sodium Molybdate

In terms of raw materials, the overall market of ethylene in the first week of July still showed a slight upward trend. 7, part of the ethylene market fell. As of the 9th, the European ethylene market fell, with FD northwest Europe offering 769-779 US dollars / ton, down 25 US dollars / ton; CIF northwest Europe quoted 750-758 US dollars / ton, down 6 US dollars / ton; Asian ethylene market remained stable, CFR Northeast Asia quoted 795-805 US dollars / ton, CFR Southeast Asia quoted 745-755 US dollars / ton. In the near future, the price of ethylene in Asia is mainly on July 10, 2020, and the demand is general. The future market changes are affected by the continuous decline of upstream crude oil price. It is predicted that the following decline will be the main trend. The US ethylene market was mainly down, with FD US $335-353 / T, down US $2 / T, the price was still low and the market demand was general.


Under the high level of n-propanol in late July


On the whole, the raw material market of n-propanol from ethylene process has risen rapidly since April. With the sharp rise of cost, the profit of n-propanol has been reduced continuously, and the offer of factories has been rising. Although the market of ethylene in Asia has declined slightly in recent two days, the overall trend is still high. Therefore, according to the current situation, the market price of ethylene process n-propanol has little space to decline. However, with the sharp decline of isopropanol, the advantages of the solvent market have become weak. At present, the pressure of market shipment is increased compared with the previous period. Under the guarantee of profits, the operators will more support the price operation. Therefore, the factory will regulate the operating rate of n-propanol of ethylene process in late July to stabilize the market Price, when the market does not rule out that the manufacturer reduces the profit for competitive shipment and lowers the ex factory price of n-propanol.


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