Butanone prices go down again

1、 Price trend


According to the data monitoring of business agency, as of March 19, based on the quotation of several sample enterprises, at present, the average ex factory price of domestic butanone market is around 7500 yuan / ton.


potassium persulfate

2、 Market analysis


Product: at the end of last week, the domestic butanone market remained weak and stable, and the trading firm’s offer was stable. At the beginning of this week, the market of butanone was under explored. On the 18th, the market of butanone was slightly weak and fell, and the trading volume was still low. There were fewer real orders, and the trading volume was loose. On the 19th, prices in some regions of the butanone market fell again. At present, the butanone market in Southern China has a flat transaction, and the market reference factory quotation is around 7450-7550 yuan / ton; it is about 100 yuan / ton lower than the beginning of the week; the market reference factory quotation of butanone in North China is 7250-7350 yuan / ton, about 200 yuan / ton lower than the beginning of the week; the market reference factory quotation of butanone in East China is 7200-7400 yuan / ton, about 200 yuan / ton lower than the beginning of the week; Jiangsu is weak Mainly for finishing, among which the factory quotation of butanone of Nantong Zhongkai Chemical Co., Ltd. is 7400 yuan / ton.


Industrial chain: LPG market experienced a few days of slight increase in early March. On the 6th, the average price was 3766.67 yuan / ton, but soon the market price fell again. On the 10th, the average price of LPG market was 3483 yuan / ton. This week, the liquefied gas market dropped significantly. At present, as of the 18th, the reference price of liquefied gas market monitored according to the data of business association is about 3066 yuan / ton. The market price of liquefied gas in Shandong Province has been lowered again, and the mainstream price is about 2900-3200 yuan / ton; the mainstream price of liquefied gas in North China is about 3300-3350 yuan / ton.


Industry: according to the price monitoring of the business agency, on March 11, 2020, there are 17 kinds of commodities in the price up and down list of bulk 58, which are concentrated in the steel plate (5 kinds in total) and non-ferrous plate (5 kinds in total), and the commodities with an increase of more than 5% are mainly concentrated in the energy plate; the top three commodities are WTI crude oil (10.38%), soybean (2.23%) and zinc (1.56%). There are 21 kinds of commodities decreased on a month on month basis, focusing on energy (7 kinds in total) and building materials (3 kinds in total). The first three commodities decreased were coke (- 3.01%), fuel oil (- 2.44%) and methanol (- 2.32%). The average price of this day is 0.14%.


3、 Future forecast


According to the analysis of the data division of the business agency, at present, the domestic butanone market demand has not been followed up obviously, and the market turnover is slightly depressed. It is expected that there will be risks of further exploration in the near future.


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