Downstream demand is gradually improving, and potassium sulfate price is mainly stable

1、 Price trend


2、 Market analysis


potassium persulfate

Mannheim potassium sulfate factory: about 2700 for 50% powder; about 2800-2850 for 50% particle and 52% water-soluble powder. Report station of potassium sulfate manufacturer in water salt system: 51-52% powder 3100-3150 in Xinjiang; 50% powder 2460 in Qinghai. After the price of Mannheim potassium sulfate in the northern market generally increased, the actual ex factory price of 52% of all water-soluble powder is about 2800 yuan / ton at present. Although there are not many deals, there are many manufacturers waiting to be sent, and there is no pressure. In the early stage of the Southern market, the price of 52% of all water-soluble powder has been stable, generally, the ex factory price is about 2800-2850 yuan / ton. Recently, some manufacturers have tentatively increased the price by about 150 yuan / ton, and there is no large order deal Support. For the time being, only three enterprises are producing potassium sulfate in the water salt system, and the price is still stable.


3、 Future forecast


According to analysts of potassium sulphate of the business association, the downstream demand is gradually improving, the sales of potassium sulphate manufacturers are not under too much pressure, and the demand of water-soluble fertilizer market in the later stage is still expected, so the resistance of the price of potassium sulphate to rise again may also be large, but there will be no worry about big fall in the short term.

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