The lactam market has been shaking down this week (7.22-7.26)

Price Trend

According to the data monitoring of the business associations’large list, the market of caprolactam was shaking down this week. The average price of domestic liquid caprolactam was 12,300 yuan/ton on the 22nd day and 12,266.67 yuan/ton on the 26th day, a decline of 0.27%, which was 26.24% lower than that of the same period last year.

II. Market Analysis

Product: This week the caprolactam liquid market shocks down, the market turnover atmosphere is flat, the upstream product cyclohexanone market is weak downward, the cost support weakened. Downstream PA6 slice sales were light, raw material procurement slowed down, caprolactam was dragged down by demand, and prices fell. This week, the caprolactam plant began construction one after another, the spot market supply improved, Sinopec’s listed price of caprolactam rose to 12600 yuan/ton in July, and the confidence in the market increased. As of July 26, the price of caprolactam liquid in Shandong Luxi Chemical Industry is 12100 yuan/ton. Cash is discharged from the factory and the first and second phases of the plant are running normally. The actual transaction is negotiable. The price of caprolactam liquid in Sanning, Hubei Province is 12550 yuan/ton, the contract is the main one, 140,000 tons of caprolactam plant is running normally, and the price of caprolactam liquid in Tianchen, Fujian Province is 127 yuan/ton. 00 yuan/ton.

Industry chain: the upstream product cyclohexanone market is weak downstream, the downstream demand for chemical fibers is general, the solvent market just needs to be purchased, and the market turnover atmosphere is flat. The mainstream offer of cyclohexanone in North China market is delivered in cash from 8700 to 8900, the mainstream offer in East China market is delivered in cash from 9000 to 9100, and the mainstream offer in South China market is delivered in cash from 9300 to 9500.

potassium persulphate

The downstream PA6 chip market is weakening, the purchase of raw materials in the polymerization plant is slowing down, and caprolactam is hampered by demand. More replenishments are made on demand. Market inquiries are more cautious.

3. Future Market Forecast

Business associations have lactam analysts believe that the current cost side is not well supported, downstream demand is weak, in the short term, the caprolactam market is mainly stable in the weak.

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