China’s domestic BDO market price slightly upward (7.1-7.5)

Price Trend

According to the sample data monitored by business associations, the domestic market price of BDO at the beginning of the week was 9,200 yuan/ton, which was 21.46% lower than that of the same period last year.

potassium persulphate

II. Market Analysis

Products: This week, the domestic BDO market center of gravity slightly increased, and the main high-end price of water diversion increased by 100 yuan/ton compared with last week. The raw material calcium carbide has been greatly increased, the cost support is strong, and the start-up load of factories in Xinjiang is not high, the inventory pressure is not high, the factory keeps pushing up with the support of mentality, and the middlemen have begun to follow up the increase offer to drive the market rhythm. And the main downstream market continues to be depressed, contracts just need to follow up, the spot market part of the small single high-end transactions, the business sells at low prices. It is heard that downstream PBT has planned to stop, PTMEG is in a weak downward trend, and BDO continues to rise with resistance under negative conduction. At present, although low prices are hard to find, high-end transactions are difficult and the center of gravity is in the middle.

On the market side, as of Friday (7.5), the market of BDO in South China was weak. Fair price mentality still exists, but the downstream market is weak, demand is limited, cost pressures are high, market counter-offer is depressed, talks are deadlocked, digestion of the increase is the main. The weak market of BDO in East China is on the horizon. The factory has strong market intentions, but the downstream demand is weak, high prices conflict, long about just need to pick up goods, bulk bill turnover is light. The supply and demand sides have talked about the saw, and the focus is rigid.

Industry chain: As for raw materials, calcium carbide, the price of domestic calcium carbide has risen by a large margin of 200 yuan/ton in this cycle. The supply of carbide is tight, the shipment is smooth, and the trading atmosphere in the market is strong. Affected by the rising price of calcium carbide in the near future, the profit of production enterprises has improved. Some of the calcium carbide furnaces that stopped production in the early stage have started or planned to start. It is expected that the market supply of calcium carbide will be increased in the middle and late ten days. Methanol: The northwest methanol market fell this week. The mainstream price in Inner Mongolia this week ranged from 1800 yuan/ton to 1730 yuan/ton. The upstream manufacturers shipped better. Some manufacturers stopped selling. At present, the overall inventory of manufacturers remains low and medium. This week’s shipment is mostly to the surrounding areas, Shandong and Hebei, etc. The overhaul of individual manufacturers and device failure have a certain impact on the local market.

3. Future Market Forecast

After Tianye’s load has not been restored and Panjin Dalian’s parking overhaul started, the third phase of Meck’s equipment began to be repaired, the supply of goods in the market has been reduced, and the cost-side support has been strong. The factories continue to push up, especially in Xinjiang, where the prices of factories are strong, and some middlemen have begun to follow up the increase offer. The spot market just needs small units and high prices, with a small focus. Move up the amplitude. However, at present, the PBT load of the main downstream is low, and there are planned parking devices, the demand support is insufficient, and the BDO continues to push up weak. BDO analysts of business associations expect that the domestic BDO market will digest the growth rate mainly next week, reorganize the operation, and pay particular attention to device dynamics and downstream demand changes.

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