Cost driven stepwise decline of dimethyl ether in May

In May, the domestic dimethyl ether market experienced a stepwise decline. According to data monitoring by Business Society, the average price of dimethyl ether in the Henan market was 3965 yuan/ton on May 1st, and 3915 yuan/ton on May 30th. The monthly decline was 1.26%, a decrease of 5.09% compared to the same period last year.


Stannous Sulphate

As of May 30th, the mainstream prices of dimethyl ether in various domestic markets are as follows:

Region/ Mainstream quotation

Shandong region/ 3850 yuan/ton

Hebei region/ 4100 yuan/ton

Henan region/ 3800 yuan/ton

In May, the domestic dimethyl ether market was overall cost driven, with prices falling overall. At the beginning of the month, due to the continuous increase in raw material methanol, dimethyl ether enterprises were forced to keep up with the increase. Downstream demand was cold, resistance was strengthened, and the cost pressure on enterprises increased. Due to demand constraints, the increase was weak. Finally, the increase in raw material prices gave up, reducing the cost pressure on dimethyl ether enterprises, increasing production enthusiasm, and lowering the price of dimethyl ether in a stepped manner under pressure.


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In May, the raw material methanol market surged and fell, with an average price of 2651 yuan/ton on May 1st and 2782 yuan/ton on May 30th, a monthly increase of 4.92%, supporting methanol from strong to weak.


Overall, the profit margin of dimethyl ether has been released, and market purchases and sales have returned to calm. There is not much pressure on on-site inventory, and it is expected that dimethyl ether will maintain stable operation in the short term.

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