Negative factors still exist, and acetonitrile continues to decline

The domestic acetonitrile market price fluctuated and declined this month. As of May 29th, the benchmark price of acetonitrile for Shengyishe was 9880.00 yuan/ton, a decrease of -1.98% compared to the beginning of this month (10080.00 yuan/ton).


Azodicarbonamide (AC foaming Agent)

Market analysis:


This month, the overall supply of acetonitrile in the market has been stable and sufficient, with an increase in overall inventory and a bearish outlook on the supply side. However, downstream demand continues to be weak, and buyers have followed suit around rigid demand. Coupled with mainstream manufacturers lowering their bidding prices, the market mentality is not good, and the price center of the acetonitrile market continues to decline.


Supply side:


This month, the spot market price of acrylonitrile has experienced a narrow decline. As of May 29th, the benchmark price of acrylonitrile for Shengyishe was 9850.00 yuan/ton, a decrease of -8.80% compared to the beginning of this month (10800.00 yuan/ton). The news is currently unclear, and there is still uncertainty in supply changes. In the short term, manufacturer inventories are not high, and there is still an intention to raise prices. Considering that the settlement expectation for this month is still high, the spot market is also cautious and stable in operation. There are plans to restart or increase losses in both the north and south, and the overall news is bearish. It is expected that the acrylonitrile market will remain weak and volatile in the near future.


On the demand side:


Pesticides are the main downstream industry of acetonitrile, with slight fluctuations in the pesticide raw material market. The inquiry volume has increased this month, and downstream stocking is mainly based on demand, but product trading performance is average. The supply and demand of the pesticide market are weakening, with cost support, and pesticide prices may still fluctuate at the bottom in the second half of the year.




The domestic market price of acetonitrile is expected to continue to decline in the near future. On the one hand, with the restart of by-product and synthesis equipment, the market supply will further increase; On the other hand, the overall downstream demand remains weak, especially with no favorable factors in the pesticide market. In this context, acetonitrile manufacturers are facing increasing sales pressure and have to promote sales by lowering prices. It is predicted that the market price of acetonitrile may fall below 9800 yuan/ton next week and may continue to decline to a lower level.

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