Cost weakened, caprolactam price fell in May (5.1-5.31)

1、 Price trend


Sodium Molybdate

According to the commodity market analysis system of the business community, the average price of the domestic caprolactam market was 12683 yuan/ton on May 1, and 12410 yuan/ton on May 31. The price of the domestic caprolactam market fell 2.16% this month.


2、 Market analysis


The price of domestic caprolactam market fluctuated and fell this month. The price of raw material pure benzene continued to decline this month, resulting in insufficient cost support. The caprolactam market supply was relatively stable this month, and the supply and demand were relatively balanced. Downstream demand performance is insufficient, procurement is more cautious, and the market is mostly low price transactions. As of May 31, the settlement price of Sinopec caprolactam in May was 12840 yuan/ton, and the liquid products were of superior quality, which were accepted and withdrawn within six months.


The price of raw material pure benzene has been declining this month. On May 31st, the price was 6573 yuan/ton, a decrease of 11.57% compared to 7433 yuan/ton at the beginning of the month. This month, crude oil has declined significantly, resulting in a bearish cost outlook. The Asian American arbitrage window has closed, and the domestic price of pure benzene in China is high, resulting in a high import volume of pure benzene in May. And the overall supply of pure benzene in the market is sufficient. The downstream profit level is poor, and the market has a general interest in purchasing pure benzene, which is dragging down the demand side of pure benzene. This month, the price of Sinopec pure benzene decreased by 950 yuan/ton to 6500 yuan/ton.


Benzalkonium chloride

The domestic market of downstream PA6 has weakened this month, and spot prices have generally decreased. The load of domestic polymerization plants is stable, and the supply remains sufficient. In terms of demand, it is average, and stocking tends towards low-priced sources. As of May 31, the average factory price of PA6 in China was 13525 yuan/ton, a decrease of 3.22% compared to the beginning of the month.


3、 Future Market Forecast


The caprolactam analysts of the business community believe that the price of raw material pure benzene has been continuously lowered recently, and the cost side continues to be negative. Downstream procurement is on demand, and the on-site trading atmosphere is flat. It is expected that caprolactam price will be weak in the short term, and the finishing operation will be dominated.

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