In May, the butanone market saw a weak decline (5.01-5.30)

According to the data monitoring of the business community, as of May 30, 2023, the reference price of domestic butanone market was 7000 yuan/ton, which was 1316 yuan/ton lower than that of May 1, 2023 (8316 yuan/ton), with a decline of 15.83%.


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From the data monitoring chart of the Business Society, it can be seen that since May (5.1-5.30), the overall domestic butanone market has shown a weak decline, and the center of gravity of the butanone market has been continuously moving downwards since early May. In the first ten days of May, after the Labor Day, the downstream demand of the domestic butanone market as a whole was still average, and the demand side was insufficient to support butanone. The internal distributors of the butanone factory began to yield profits for shipment, and the price of butanone was reduced by 200-400 yuan/ton. As of May 15, the domestic market value price of butanone was around 7700-8300 yuan/ton.


In late May, the decline of the butanone market continued, the market center continued to move downward, the high level of the butanone raw material end market fell back, and the support for butanone cost was loose. The butanone market fell with the original broad range, the market price fell by 600-800 yuan/ton, and the difference between high and low prices in the butanone market widened. Towards the end of the month, the butanone market experienced slight fluctuations, with both ups and downs occurring on the market. Low end prices rose slightly, while high-end prices continued to yield profits for shipment, gradually narrowing the market price gap between high and low prices. As of May 30, the domestic butanone market price is around 6400-7200 yuan, and the price at the high end is around 7500 yuan/ton.


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Analysis of the aftermarket of butanone


At present, the overall trading atmosphere in the butanone market is light, and downstream demand is average. Stock preparation is still relatively cautious. The butanone data analyst at the Business Society believes that in the short term, the butanone market is mainly adjusted and operated within a narrow range, and the specific trend still needs to pay more attention to the specific changes in supply and demand news.

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