Volatility in the ethanol market

According to the sample data monitored by the business community, on September 9 and 16, the domestic ethanol market was in shock. At the beginning of the week, the average price of domestic ethanol producers remained at 6687 yuan/ton, and at the weekend, the price rose to 6700 yuan/ton. Within the week, the price rose 0.19%, fell 0.56% month on month, and rose 3.28% year on year.


Benzalkonium chloride

The domestic ethanol market was in shock and consolidation. After the corn ethanol price rose, it was temporarily stable, and it was difficult to see a high number of actual orders. In the short term, the main factories were operating stably, and the starting load was on the high side. The price of raw corn was slightly boosted, and the trading volume was improved.


In terms of raw materials and costs, domestic corn prices fluctuated, with low purchase prices as the main transaction price, while the purchase price in the northeast of the main production area declined in the short term.


Sodium Molybdate

From the perspective of downstream products, the demand for Baijiu in the downstream has been boosted slowly, and ethyl acetate in the chemical industry has started at a low level, and the procurement has maintained a just demand.


The raw material corn was boosted in the short term, the demand side of the Baijiu industry recovered only a little, and the start-up of the chemical end acetate direction boosted only a little, so the demand recovery was hard to see in the short term. The ethanol analysts of the business association predicted that the short-term domestic ethanol market would be mainly settled by shocks.


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