Shandong styrene market price rose first and fell later this week (9.12-9.16)

According to the monitoring of the bulk data of the business community, the mainstream styrene price in Shandong fell in shock this week. At the beginning of the week, the average price of styrene in Shandong was 9510.00 yuan/ton, and at the weekend, the average price of styrene in Shandong was 9700.00 yuan/ton, up 2.00%. The price rose 0.44% year on year.


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The styrene market price rose first and then fell this week. It can be seen from the above figure that the recent price of styrene has been mainly rising, and this week the price has recovered after rising. The main reason is that the focus of the pure benzene market continues to move downward, the ethylene market is in shock and consolidation, and the support for the styrene market is limited. Domestic styrene devices have returned in succession. The styrene inventory is rising, and the rising trend is weak. It is expected that the spot price of styrene will fall in shock in the later period.


In terms of raw materials, crude oil fell sharply and cost support was weak. This week, the price of pure benzene decreased slightly after rising. On September 9, the price of pure benzene was 7700-7850 yuan/ton (the average price was 7767 yuan/ton). On Friday (September 16), the price of pure benzene was 7750-7950 yuan/ton (the average price was 7817 yuan/ton). The average price was 0.64% higher than last week and 10.04% lower than the same period last year. This week, the port inventory of pure benzene in East China increased by 5000 tons to 64600 tons compared with last week, and the port inventory continued to accumulate.


In terms of downstream, the three major downstream styrene markets rose and fell at different levels this week. At present, the PS (polystyrene) market trend is weak, the trading atmosphere is weak, the shipping rhythm of merchants is slowing down, and the focus of negotiation is weakening slightly. Quotation reference of mainstream brands: 10200 yuan/ton for Dushanzi 500; CITIC 525 is out of stock, Saibaolong 525 is reported as 10050 yuan/ton, Shanghai SECCO 123P is reported as 10350-10450 yuan/ton, Zhenjiang Qimei PG33 is reported as 11100 yuan/ton, Huajin 825 is reported as 10650-10700 yuan/ton; Ningbo Taihua 535N quoted 11000 yuan/ton, and the above prices are all tax inclusive prices, which are subject to firm negotiation.


The average price of EPS ordinary materials this week is 11450 yuan/ton. The cost support is good, and the focus of market negotiation is higher. The South China market was boosted by futures and the rising trend of the mainstream East China market. The holders of goods rose along the trend, with low enthusiasm for buying orders. The EPS market quotation was weak. The manufacturers maintained stable prices for shipment, and the downstream mainly relied on demand.


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The domestic ABS market has risen this week, and the spot prices of various brands have increased. As of September 15, the average price of the mainstream offer of generic ABS was about 12400 yuan/ton, up or down by+5.98% compared with the price level at the beginning of the month. In the near future, the trend of three upstream materials at the ABS cost end is strong, and the ABS cost support is good. In terms of industry load, the expected increase in the commencement of some ABS production lines in the early stage will be fulfilled, and the on-site supply will continue to be abundant, and the supply side will not reduce its pressure on the market. In terms of demand, although downstream enterprises mainly digested the pre festival inventory after the festival, the midstream increased in taking goods, the market atmosphere remained buoyant, and the downstream demand for goods preparation for the National Day holiday was approaching, gathering enterprises’ confidence was strong.


In the near future, the demand for styrene downstream is relatively good overall, but the styrene output is also increasing steadily, with limited upward momentum. On the whole, if the raw materials fall next week, the styrene market will follow suit.

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